Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Glymm Box

AMG!!!!  Three posts in one day!  What is this world coming to.  Be prepared people!!!  This is a long one.  Before I start though, I did subscribe to all three, but I will not be getting my Top Box until March (in time for my birthday!!!!).  Something about being sold out until then.  If you were to subscribe to Top Box today, I believe that they are sold out until May.  I also believe that Loose Button (or maybe it was Glymm) is sold out until February.  Don't ask me how this happens because I've been thinking about it since!

Glymm is a monthly subscription only beauty box for $10 a month.  Oh wait, i lied, they also have yearly.  And you get points for each month that you are subbed.  10 per month or 100 right off the bat for a yearly sub.  For every 100 points, you get $10 off to use in their Beauty Boutique, which carries brands and products that are featured in past (and also not) beauty boxes.  I chose the monthly one because you can cancel at any time.  They do have an online store in which you can purchase products from the brands that they feature and that you receive in your box. 

This is my first Glymm box and it's CUTE!!!!  It comes in a pink carton and pink box!  It's just like loose button, it's got a bunch of cards explaining the products in your box and the products themselves are wrapped in tissue paper.  There are about 4-5 samples...and with every box there will be a jar of jelly belly jelly beans!  They are colour coordinated according to the month/season.  Let's get started!!!!

First Item I pulled out was the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream (sorry, not a good picture).  Full size is 15 ml ($95).  My sample was 1ml (approx. $6).  I'm very eager to try it because I have very dark circles under my eyes.  Smells floral-y like most of their products.  It's supposed to help target visible signs of aging, dissolves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.  Maybe I'll try it tonight - it's a very pricey product...but I guess well worth it if it works!  

Second Item : AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream.  Full Size is 3.4oz for $20.  My sample is 0.68 flow (approx. $4) It contains dead sea minerals that hydrate and restore moisture.  And what a better place to test this than here! As soon as the temperature drops, the dryness sucks all the moisture out of the air.  It's awful!  It smells like the spa.  Or smells that I would associate with the spa!  I love it!!  And it's not too oily - it absorbs straight into the skin.  Definitely going to use this!!!  
Third : Yves Saint Laurent La Parisienne parfum.  Full Size is 3oz for $85, my sample is 0.25floz (approx. $7).  It's a pretty good size, but it's not a spritzer which I definitely prefer because I'm lazy.  I like it.  I know that most of the blogs say that it's a "mature" scent.  I disagree.  It's quite floral, which I don't normally like, but there are hints of luxury...something feminine....which make it just perfect!  I'm going to wear it!  So there!  

Fourth : SULA Beauty - Natural Lip Gloss (in First Kiss).  Full Size 0.5floz for $8.  My sample is 0.167floz (approx $2.60).  It's this crazy cotton candy pink and it smells like cotton candy too!!!!  It's totally delish!!!  

Fifth : Lise Watier Flash Lift Raidance Vial.  There is no mention on the card for this item, so I'm assuming that this is just a special bonus, or perhaps it fell into my box while it was being package.  Who knows!  LOL!  Anyways, upon doing a little research (okay, okay, I googled it!) it's $27 for 7 vials.  So I have 1 vial at the price of approx. $4.  It's supposed give instant radiance, erases the signs of fatigue, and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles.  

Last item(s) : In every Glymm box, they include jelly bellies in a cute little glass jar.  Each month will have a different colour scheme.  December being the main Xmas month, the jelly beans in this months box are red and white.  I think that the white ones are supposed to be marshmallows and the red ones are supposed to be cranberries?  I think that they should have used cinnamon.  :)  Also included is a $10 gift card to be used in Glymm's Beauty Boutique.  It's good until the end of January.  YAY!!!

Overall, for this month, I'm more impressed by Glymm's box than Luxe Box.  I think mainly for the reason that in nearly every youtube vid I saw on the Luxe Box, it came with China Glaze nail polish.  I didn't get one.  Now, I also heard that Luxe Box "upgrades" the boxes if you have anything higher than monthly subscription.  If this is true, then I'm not impressed.  We all pay the same amount of money for the box.  All because I reserve the right to cancel because the product may suck doesn't mean that you should make me want to cancel.

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