Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Luxe Box from Loose Button

I can't tell you how excited I am to FINALLY have something like this in Canada.  I think that there are about three companies that offer this type service.  Forgive me if there are more.  Please let me know! I'm loving these things!!!!!  For months now, I've been totally jealous of my american friends and their "BirchBox".  Bitchbox is what it should be called!  Just joking!  Anyways, so how these things work, is that for a monthly fee, they send you a box of anywhere between 4-5 Deluxe beauty samples (though, after opening my first one, I'm not convinced that they are all d-lux.  Sometimes, you will get the full sized sample.  The three that I have subscribed to are as follows: Luxe Box, Glymm Box, and Top Box.

Luxe Box is put together by this company called Loose Button.  It is $12 a month, with longer subscription options.  There's monthly, quarterly, and yearly.  Yearly being the best bang for your buck because you save $12.  You don't have to worry about resubbing each month or quarter because it will automatically do it for you.  I choose monthly for all of them - in case they disappoint me - I don't want to be stuck with a yearly thing.  Loose Button has quite a few brands in which they include samples of.  The range anywhere between the pricey to the more common.  Oh, also, every month before they send out the boxes, they let you choose (they say that you've been exclusively selected, but I'm not so sure!) your choice between two deluxe samples.  This month was DDF or a Keratase hair product.  I didn't check my email fast enough, so boo!  I didn't get to choose.

Once you receive the box, it looks like this :
It slides left or right to open.  Once you open the box, there are bunch of cards.  One explaining the philosophy behind the boxes, the products featured in the box and the full size products.  The products are tissue wrapped (as one) and sitting on crinkled paper.  There's a personalized sticker that says "Made For (your name here)".  Very posh!!!!  In hind sight, I should have taken more pictures - I promise I will next month!  (Or heck, next box!!!).
First product I pulled out was DDF Advanced Firming Cream.  Full size is 48g for $140.  My sample was 14g.  So it's a sizeable sample.  It smells like pizza.  HA!  I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it or give it to my mom.  I have very few wrinkles.
Second item I pulled out was a Yves Rocher Italian Mandarin Shower Gel.  Full Size is 400ml for $12.  My sample was 50ml.  I don't really use shower gel, so I'll probably give this away.  But OMG!  It smells fantastic.  Just like fresh mandarin oranges.  Yummy.
Third item was a Lise Watier Plumpissimo Le Gloss.  Full Size is 6.2ml ($20).  My sample was 1.5ml. UGH!  Lip Gloss.  It's a beautiful neutral color - I may actually wear it.  It's has some gold flecks of shimmer.  Very subtle.  
Fourth and perhaps you can count it like a Fifth item were a his and hers Paco Rabanne Black XS for her and Black XS for him.  They aren't really for me or my husband.  They are very woodsy and musky smelling.  The description on the package says that there are notes of Floral...well....no.  The sample size probably weren't any bigger than what you would get from a department store.

Overall, I'm not super impressed with my first Luxe Box.  BUT...i have heard that with each box, they have gotten better and better.  Hopefully, I'll like next month's better.  

Currently, Loosebutton does not sell the items that they send out.  I think that they going to eventually set up a store, but for now, I haven't heard anything.

Check them out: www.loosebutton.com.

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