Monday, January 30, 2012

January Luxe Box - FINALLY!!!

Luxe Box was a little late this month, but it's all good.  Now, on to the good stuff - the unveiling!

This month, Loosebutton sent out two boxes - their regular and a Bath and Body one.  It's like a little bonus for the long wait that we all had to endure!  

When I opened up the regular box, I was shocked that it was packed full of products.  Usually, it's loosely packed with products.  In total, there were 5 "items" (one was a sachet full of items.  

Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Foundation - $31
This is a pressed mineral make-up in Blush/Medium.  It also contains SPF15.  At first, I thought that it was definitely too dark for me, but once I swatched it, it's a perfect match.  It's a seamless colour blend.  I took a picture of the swatch, but you can't tell that there's anything - except there is a smoother patch of skin than the rest (so that's a good thing right?).  This product is super charged with shea butter and vitamin E.  It has a nourishing formula that is key to flawless looking skin in 60 seconds or less.  I think that I'm just going to use it as a setting powder or something like that.  I normally need medium coverage and this will probably provide light coverage.

On the card, it says that it's a full size product, but I don't think that mine is because a full sized product is 8g and my size is 4.3g.  Essentially, my product is worth $16.67.  

Olay Regenerist - Wrinkle Revolution Complex - Full Size 15 ml $60
Watch as micro-fillers and light diffusing particles smooth the look of fine lines right before your eyes.  This wrinkle treatment's formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days.  To be used twice a day, every day (of course).
This sample arrived in the nick of time!  I didn't really have any real eye creams left and with this weird winter, my poor under eye areas were feeling a little sensitive and dry.  I know that this is a wrinkle cream, but it'll be packed full of moisturizers, so it'll be good for me.  It's smooth and goes on really well.  Rubs right in, and absorbs quite quickly.  It smells like salon shampoo.  I love it.  
My sample size is 7ml, valued at $28.  Wow!

Loose Button - MYSCENT
This is a collection of 6 scent samples that Loose Button put together "just for me".
Prada "Candy", Prada "Infusion d'Iris, Nina Ricci "L'Air du Temps", Nina Ricci "Nina, Paco Rabanne "Black XS for Her" and Paco Rabanne "Lady Million".  Not to be critical, okay, maybe just a little, but these weren't just picked out for me.  From watching youtube and seeing/reading what others have gotten, they seemed to have all gotten the same scents.  Could it be that we all have the same tastes?  I doubt it.  I know for a fact that I do not like the Paco Rabanne Black XS for her because I got that in last month's box.  Nina Ricci's L'Air (I think that my mom used to wear this scent, but it definitely didn't smell like what I sprayed) gave me a headache.  It's too floral and baby powder-ish.  Two scents that I absolutely hate.  I do love the two Pradas and I don't mind the other Nina Ricci scent.  The one thing that kind of disappointed me was the size of these samples.  Once again, these are samples that I could have easily gotten from the department stores.  Glymm, you've set the bar high!  Including perfume samples like this is very touch and go for me.  I mean, they could totally miss the mark and I'm left feeling disappointed because I got some perfume samples, but they could totally hit the mark and I'm left impressed.  It's such a crap shoot....I'd just rather they not include it because perfume samples are such an individual thing.  I'm not going to bother trying to price these samples out.  

NYX - Mega Shine Lipgloss - Full Size 11ml - $8

This is their signature gloss that is formulated with mineral and lanolin oils to hydrate and condition lips.  High impact colour's combined with a lacquer finish provides unparalleled shine.  Once again...another lip gloss.  I've found it a very good home.  Actually, I'm swapping with a girlfriend of mine.  She received the eye liner, so we're doing a tradesies.  The colour that I got is called Cosmo.  It's a very bronze peachy colour with gold shimmer. Very sun kissed kind of look.  I think that it's a beautiful shade, but I don't wear glosses, so really, this product is wasted on me. The sample that I received is a full size sample.  

BONUS: Seattle's Best Coffee, Level 3.  I'm more of a tea drinker, but I do drink coffee once a week - Mondays, just to get my system going for the week.  Though, for today, it utterly failed.  I know this coffee to be the one that is carried at convenience stores where I live.  It always smells great.  This is a bean/ground coffee and not it will require a brewing machine of some sort or a press.  A coupon for a $1.00 off was included.


First off, I must say, I really like the contrasting black and white boxes.  Very hip.  As a special way to start off the year, they've included this bonus box, which they've called LuxeBox, Bath and Body edition (okay, I made that last part up..kinda).  It included two items - Schick Hydro Silk Razor and Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner combo.  Also included was a Shoppers Drug Mart Limited Time Offer to receive 8000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points with the purchase of any Fekkai Hair care product.   

The Schick Hydro Silk Razor is a 5-blade system that has water activated moisturizing serums that hydrates like no other razor leaving the skin feeling silky smooth.  The value of this full sized product is $13.99.  I'm excited about the razor because it's something that I've been wanting to try, but not willing to spend the money.  Plus, I've been happy with my Schick Quattro.  

I'm still disappointed about not being able to reserve any of the products again this month.  I don't think that I'll ever be able to, just because I live where I live and by the time that I've received my email, everything will most likely already be reserved and long gone.  There's about a two hour difference between where the email originates and where I am, so already, the east coasters have an advantage.  Have any west coasters been able to successfully reserve anything?

Overall, I liked this LuxeBox.  I like it better than last month's box because there are more products in this box that I would use.  The value of this box is out of this world (approximately $68.66).  I can say that for this month's battle of the boxes, LuxeBox wins.  Not because they sent two boxes of goodies, but because overall, the products weren't disappointing and completely sample like.  How did you like yours?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glymmman....and randomness

Glymm is launching a new box for men!  I don't really know the particulars - but this much I know.... The box is $20 and it's shipped quarterly.  It'll come with 7-8 deluxe luxury samples.  I don't know - it seems a little steep.  If it's anything like the glymm box for women, sometimes, you'll receive little samples that I could get from the department store counters...and if they count that as one of the deluxe samples....I'd feel a little ripped off.  I've already given my email address and apparently, I'm on some waiting list....waiting. Most likely, I'll sign my guy up for a couple of boxes and see how it goes.  Or not, if he's really adverse to  the idea of beauty products being sent in his name.  It's hard to say.  Even though my guy isn't a metro, he likes his cleansing products once in a while.  This may not be the same, but he nearly bought a rose clay facial mask from "The Art of Shaving" and an exfoliator, so that counts for something right?  It was my own stupidity in which I talked him out of it because I told him that I have similar items at home that he could use!  DUH!  I'll know better next time.

I'm sure if you have Facebook, there's probably more information on the forums (or whatever you call it) there.  I'm not on Facebook, nor will I sign up for it.  I just find that there's something really creepy about someone being able to keep tabs on me - without me knowing it.  Sure, I know that I set things on private, but then, what's the bother?  Plus, I'm addicted to games and I'm afraid that farmville and etc may lead to my eventual downfall.

LuxeBox is finally arriving on Monday I hope.  My app says Tuesday, but last time it arrived a day earlier.  I've already seen a couple of reviews on the box and I have really high hopes, even if everyone else was a little disappointed.  Heck, after this month's Glymmbox....the Luxebox is looking mighty fine!  I'm just super excited for next month!  I'll be receiving three boxes!  Glossybox, Glymm Box and Luxebox.  And the month after that (my birthday month), I'll be receiving four boxes - Topbox, Glossybox, Luxe and Glymm.  Looks like it's going to be an excellent birthday month!!!! 

I nearly signed up for Julep Maven.  It's a "nail" box that comes from the states.  It's about $19.99 US per month and you receive nail related items (for the most part).  Right now, they are having a promo, in which your first box is only $5.  From all the reviews that I've read, I don't think that I'm going to sign up for it.  It's pricey and the items that you receive...don't really impress me.  Usually, it's two bottles of nail polish and a hand cream and little samples of other things.  If you're interested, here's the link.  It is free shipping, but as Canadians, you don't get a tracking number (not happy!).  I think, if maybe, I get a BIG raise this year, I might consider trying it out, but right now, $50 on beauty boxes is enough for me.

I've been pretty good about trying out the samples that I've been receiving.  And those that I didn't want, my mom was happy to take the off my hands, or I was able to swap with my girlfriend (who also subscribes to some of the beauty boxes) for items that she wanted (but I didn't).  I've done reviews on some of the products that I've tried and they will be going up shortly!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

With the past disappointment with the Lip Butters, I was really hesitant to try these babies out.  Then my girlfriend told me how CHEAP they were, so I didn't feel so bad.  Plus, I was able to swatch some of the colours and get a feel for the texture of the product before actually purchasing.  

First off, I noticed how well they glided on.  They were pretty sheer colours, definitely buildable.  (Apparently, buildable is NOT a real word, I see the spellchecker red lines and auto correct keeps going off).  

Secondly, they smelled absolutely DELISH!  I couldn't stop smelling them, and definitely felt some guilt and regret when I had to wipe off the swatches.  I was wearing white.  Something was bound to happen with those swatches being on my hands - like me forgetting that I couldn't just wipe my hands on my shirt or pants like when I was (2)5.  Being the obsessive, compulsive and impatient person I am  (btw, my stuff still HAS NOT shipped), right after work, I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked me up some Baby Lips.  It says that it's an 8hr moisture stick that after 4 weeks of use, your lips will appear to be 82% visibly less dry, 94% less rough, 77% more supple, and 77% better looking.  It's supposed  to moisturize and revitalize lips for 8hrs.  It's also supposed to have SPF in it.  Personally, I think that it's like SPF 1.  Apparently, according to the write up on the back, you need to reapply frequently for SPF protection - I wonder if Maybelline knows that all because I've layered it on 8 times that it's doesn't make it SPF 8.  But seriously, I don't think that there's a ton of SPF because SPF has that odd smell and feel to it.  It's not pleasant but I don't notice that at all with these, no matter how strong of a fragrance there is.  It's like trying to hide the fact that you took a poop in someone else's bathroom by lighting a match - we all know that you did what you did. >.>  

Third, they were CHEAP!!!!  Less guilt.  $3.98 at walmart - didn't shop around, but I'm assuming that this the standard price.  I tried to find these at a Superstore, but we didn't go to my normal Superstore, so the one that we were at didn't have them.  Not even an empty shelf.  I'll check at my Superstore and see how much they are there.  Though, upon doing a web search, if you live in the States, or plan on going there, it's $2.99 at Target.  Damn you, U.S of A!!!!!

I picked up 4 flavours (I believe that there's 6 in total.) :
  1. Quenched - Blue Container with Pink writing.  It's a clear colour and feels just like lip balm.  Reminds me a little bit like soft lips.  It's got this fantastic pepperminty-fruity smell.  
  2. Cherry Me - Orange container with Red writing.  It's very cherry candy smelling.  I love it!!!  It's a red colour, but quite light.  A perfect starting shade for those wanting to start wearing red, but doesn't quite have the courage (or not sure of your skin tones) to go RED.
  3. Pink Punch - Pink container with yellow writing.  It's wow!  That's all I have to say.  I was really worried about this pink being just too much for me.  It's still a little too bright for my taste and I'm guessing that I'd have to be in a really playful mood before I'd bust this out. It's smells like fruit punch.  Der.  I would say, this one is definitely more colour and definitely more pigmented than the rest.  I probably wouldn't want to build this one too much, or else you'll like cotton candy lips.
  4. Peach Kiss - Purple container with orangey writing.  Apparently, orangey is REAL word.  Go figure.  Smells like..dun dun dun...peaches.  It's a very beautiful nude colour.  Nude colours are very hard for me to nail because of my skin tone, but this one hit it right on the head!  It's shimmery, light and more warm based in colour than most nudes, which to me are either too shimmery (apparently, this is a real word too) or too brown or frost based.  Not cool.  This one is like a touch of colour and probably one of my favs.  Probably don't want to build this one up too much as it'll just look thick and wet-cakey - like you've put on too much lipstick.

There are two others that I haven't been able to get my hands on, but if I do, I'll insert EDIT HERE.  -->  Nope, can't seem to locate the purple one.  :(

Overall, they all glided on quite nicely.  Staying power has something let to be desired.  I don't think that it lasted even 2 hours before I had to reapply.  Then again, I talk a lot and I drink a lot of tea and water.  So I'm assuming that they mean that it'll last for 8 hours if you don't eat, talk or drink.  No, wait, correction - the colour stayed but the balm didn't - remember, I'm the freak who likes greasy lips.  Anyways, onwards!  The colour was fantastic.  They weren't so sheer that you need to pile on the product to get ANY colour, but it was just right, that if you wanted a brighter or strong colour, one or two more coats would be good.  It did feel like lipstick, and I found that it had a tendency to move.  So I was wiping the edges of my mouth a bit because it just felt like it had moved off my lips and on to my face.  Overall, I rate this product higher than the Revlon Lip Butters and will most likely continue using these as they seem to be the best of both worlds between lipcolor and balm.  3.5 out of 5.  Would I repurchase?  Probably not.  Would I recommend, yeah, they are a pretty good product.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I am a HUGE EOS lip balm fan.  I have never tried their shave cream (I current use e-shave and I believe that it's from the UK and it's absolutely awesome).  Unfortunately, where I live, there isn't much of a selection of EOS products - no matter where you go or how much you're willing to pay.  But, if you want any of the stick balms or the holiday ones, you'll have to either make a trip to the states or try and order it online.  

One day, I decided to see if i could purchase it on  I could...but it was going to cost me approximately $10 each!  CRAZY!  I don't know why I didn't do this first, but I then headed towards their actual website.  EOS Lip Spheres  Last time I was on there, they didn't have an online store, but this time around, they did!  I got VERY exciting knowing that I was nowthisclose to getting my holiday lip balms!  I quickly placed an order (see below for the full order) on January 2nd. Time passes.  Some more time passes.  Lots more time passes.  By now it's the 17th of January.  Now, I know that I'm not the most patient of people but....c'mon!!!!!  Finally, I'm kind of pissed and I email about the package because the last update that I had on my package through the USPS app is dated Jan 7th.  And sure I sent the email in the afternoon, I get a call in the afternoon from my husband that the package was here.  ARGGGHHH!!!  Don't you just hate it when that happens?  It's like trying to find something in the grocery store and you just can't find it and you stop an employee for help and sure enough, you're standing right beside it and the employee is looking like you're village idiot.  DUH!  Shipping drama aside, I was VERY excited for my package.  I ordered a lip sphere that I didn't manage to get last time I was in the states, three lip stick balms, a lotion and the holiday lip spheres.  EOS threw in a sample of their shave cream, which is nice because I wouldn't mind trying it, but wouldn't ever really buy it because I've already got a good cream.
From Left to Right, the products I got were as follows : Shave cream sample, Tangerine Medicated Lip Balm, PassionFruit Lip Balm, Strawberry Sorbet Lip balm, Berry Blossom hand lotion, Pomergranate Raspberry lip balm, Sweet Mint lip balm, and Vanilla Bean lip balm.  I'm not too sure if I should have picked up the tangerine lip balm because it is medicated...and I really don't have those issues that the medication in the balm is supposed to treat - cold sores....  I'll have to think on it.

For those that haven't ever used EOS lip balms before, here's a quick review.  Overall, I really like them.  I love the shape of them - they are super cute and super different.  The flavours that they come are unique..with summer fruit being my favourite right now.  They go on really, really, really light.  I usually like to feel the greasiness in my lip balm, but I actually quite like this.  Even though it's light, you can still feel it on your lips, but it never feels like it's drying out your lips. 

Hand Lotions are very watery.  They aren't greasy, but they also don't last long.  If I apply in the morning, I'll be reapplying in about two hours.  They do get absorbed into the skin right away, but if you have dry skin, this lotion is not meant for you.  It does leave a very soft and subtle scent behind, which I like.  I really hate smelling like lotion (ahem, JERGENS!), but this is nice and light - more like a misting of perfume or scent than lotion.  

When received the hand lotion, it was already expired, so now I'm debating whether or not I want to go through the trouble of getting a new one or just using it.  You'll go through it fast especially if you have dry skin like me.

Before I forget, EOS is 100% natural and 95% organic, hence everything has an expiry date on it.  It's also USDA organic certified, which is what I'm assuming is the gold standard for certified organic products in the states?  I love organic items.  I just feel with all the junk that we expose our bodies too, why not treat them to a little something natural and special?  Especially when these lip balms aren't really that much more than other lip balms...from say the Body Shop.

Would I order from EOS again?  Probably, now that I know that it takes forever for the shipping to happen.  I love their products and would definitely recommend their lip balms!

PS. I'm hoping that everyone (if applicable!) is having a Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glymm Order

Hi Guys!

Last month, Glymm sent out, as part of their beauty box, a $10 voucher thing.  Sweet!  Free money!  Hey, don't judge.  Anyways, I went on the website and I actually agonized for days on what to get.  Seriously, I did.  Being the type of shopper I am, I usually just purchase what catches my fancy and just be done with it.  Guilt is just a feeling that can be overcome.  But literally, for about a week, I was on that website at work, at home, at night...looking over and over again at what to purchase.  At first, I was thinking, damn, I'm getting momma some Butter London polishes...then it was like...damn...they are really expensive.  Then I went by category...then I went by brand (yes, I know that it's almost the same thing, but like I said earlier, don't judge!).  I tried to think, well, what do I need the most?  Cleanser?  yes, I go through that stuff like ice cream...I mean....  Then it was, I should do more masks....and I really LOVE buying small sized ended up with : John Masters Organics - Rose Foaming Face Wash, Ahava - Time To Clear Purifying Mud Mask and Pangea Organics - Skincare Discovery Kit.  I didn't realize that I had purchase all organic products.  I LOVE organic anything organic.  I LOVE bamboo clothing.  As expensive as it is, it's 100% worth it.  I'll be doing reviews on these products as I use them, so keep an eye out for them!  But for now, I'll post descriptions and pictures to tie you over until then!  If you want to check out the website, feel free to stop by Glymm.

John Masters Organics - Rose Foaming Face Wash
It contains steam-distilled essential rose oil with the mildest cleanser.  It supposed to rejuvenate the skin with a tantalizing and fresh aroma.  Plaintain (isn't this a kind of banana??) and linden extracts are supposed to help tone and soothe the skin.  I bought Normal to dry skin, though in retrospect, I should have probably picked up the normal to oily one.  Oops!  

AHAVA - Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask
HA!  I kind of laughed when I'm reading the description of the product...Here is it... "powered by Osmoter", which is Ahava's exclusive blend of minerals and sourced from the Dead Sea waters.  It is a unique blend of natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea.  This gentle facial mask deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.  It drains the impurities from within, leaving the skin clarified and exceptionally smooth.  It's approved to sensitive skin, SLS/SLES and Paraben free.

Pangea Organics - Skin Discovery Kit
Antioxidant-rich formulas, anti-aging results.  It also came with a bonus eye cream sample.  These are decent travel sizes, approximately 30mls per product.  It came with 5 different products.  From L to R: Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Facial Cream, Facial Mask and Facial Toner.  It also came with a little baby pump for the facial toner.  Once again, these are organic and all of these products are supposed to contain 30% more antioxidants.  

I plan on starting to use at least the mud mask really soon and hopefully get a review of that up in a couple of weeks!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gung hai fat choi everyone!! That's happy Chinese new year in English sounding Chinese. Yeah.... That didn't really make sense did it? This year it came a little early. I think that it normally falls around February but because we follow the lunar calendar it's a little screwy - just like this blogger app I'm currently trying out. It doesn't allow u to go landscape making typing very cramped and I think that my arm muscle is seizing!!! Aaaarrhhhhhhhhh........

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a prosperous and healthy new year!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxe Box Reservations Review.

For those that subscribe to Luxe Box, Loose Button allows you to, on a first come, first chance basis to reserve particular items for your luxe box the following month.  Usually, these emails will come out about one to two weeks prior to shipment.  I'm guessing that they are sent out at night time because by the next morning, I'll see it there, teasing me to dare and try and pick between some really great choices sometimes!  Last month's (December) box, you got to choose between a DDF and Keratase product.  This month, you had a choice between 4 products.  Anyways, I usually get to work approximately 7 am in the morning and the first thing I do is check my email, and I saw it pop into my inbox.  I immediately clicked on the link and found that I couldn't reserve anything and that the reservation limit has been hit.  *Audience AWWWWWW!!!!*.  I'm thinking to myself, you gotta be kidding me!  How many were the available in the first place?  10????  Very disappointed.  It's like giving a man a huge steak only for him to find out that it's made out of tofu (tried it and I think that my husband nearly divorced me!).  I realize that it's first come first served, but I'm NOT on the west coast, so my 7 am is a fairly decent time....and I know that the night before, I went to bed late and I checked my inbox before I went to bed.  NO EXCUSE LOOSEBUTTON!  Actually, I shouldn't be too hard on them.  I think that it's awesome that they even offer this opportunity and maybe, just maybe, because I missed out (again), my January box will be awesome.  *fingers crossed*

Have a good night.  I'm in a very ranty mood.  It's been snowing and like -40 right now.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Glymm Box

When I got home today, lo and behold, my Glymm order and Glymm box was sitting, like little lost orphans, outside my condo door.  Very dangerous little boxes of joy, people might steal you!

Time for the first Glymm/beauty box of the year!!!  

There is something notably missing.  Mah Jelly Bellies!!!! Why??? Oh Why???  I wonder if they just forgot to include them in mine or everyones?  I hope that it's everyones, otherwise, I'll once again feel resentment in being left out.  Looking at you, Luxe Box and the Velour eyelashes.  Yes, I said it.  The gauntlets are thrown!  When I first opened it (and put aside my extreme sadness for the loss of my jelly bellies), I felt very...meh.  Doesn't this look like a meh box to you?  Certainly looks a little empty.  I was excited to see a Vasanti product....  This brand seems to be all the rage, but I just haven't been bothered to get myself out or to do the research on where to buy this.

* kaia natural - Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths.  It's supposed to sweep away make up and dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin!  It's soaked in vitamins and made with 99% natural ingredients.  $17.99 for 30 cloths.  I received one in my box.  ($0.60 in value).  I don't really consider this a deluxe sample and I wouldn't really get a good feel as to how good the product is from one use.  I guess that I'll save it for when I go travelling or something.

* Vasanti Cosmetics - BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator.  Full Size :120ml for $34.  My size: 12g ($3.40 in value).  It will dramatically improve your skin's texture to reveal softer, brighter, and younger looking skin.  It's an aloe-enriched cleanser with papaya enzymes to give radiance and exfiolate with dermatologist grade micro crystals.  I dunno, once again, it's a little baby sample.  I just hope that it's 3/4s empty like my Claudlie (sp?) eye cream from last months box.

* Anastasia Beverly Hills - Clear Brow Gel.  Full Size 0.28oz $21.00.  My size: 0.085 ($6.38).  Nuff' said.  It's funny because this is probably the ONE THING that I would never purchase, because I would forget to purchase it.  And now I've got one.  And good brand at that!

*Burt's Bees - Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion.  Full Size : 170g for $12.99.  My size: 7ml.  ($1.07).  I received two of these things.  I like Burt's Bees, so this is nice.  But at the same time....I don't know.  I feel like they copped out by sending out this sample.  Sure, I received two, but still.  I wonder how well they will hold up this winter.  Perhaps I'll even use them tomorrow.  We've just dipped down to below -40 with the wind chill...which means...bring on the cracked skin!  As gross as it sounds, it's the sad reality of living where I live.

*Cargo Cosmetics - Eye Pencil in Black.  Full Size 2g for $16.00.  I received a full sized item.  I was pretty delighted with this until I opened it to swatch it and half of the tip broke off and fell on to my carpet.  It actually draws a fairly thin line, I just made it thicker.  Just by swatching it, I noticed that it wasn't super creamy and went on fairly light.  The swatch below is the result of going back and forth about 4 times.  I have a feeling that it's going to have some pretty good staying power because as I took a wipe to remove it, I really had to rub it on my hand to try and get it off.  I can still faintly see it.  I guess that you can treat this as a good thing - if you can't get it all off, you won't have to do your eyeliner the next day because it's still on!  I am a fan of Cargo cosmetics, so this made me a little happy.

Overall, I must say that I wasn't too happy/impressed with this box.  The only thing that pleases me about Glymm, in general, is that they seem to be fairly consistent with the products that they send out to their members. Boxes don't really vary from person to person.  Yes, I'm still harping on those lashes.  I mean, last month, I don't think that I had ANY variation from what my gf received in her box.  But you win some, you lose some.  Unfortunately, this month, Glymm, you lost.  Though, we'll have to see what LuxeBox throws into the ring.  You may still be the winner.

Oh, before I forget, there was a coupon for a Free Lip Shine with any beauty boutique purchase.  I did order from the boutique last month - post will be going up sometime tomorrow.  But alas, since I'm not a HUGE lip shine/everything person, I just tossed it.  

I'm very excited about next month though.  There will be three contenders for the BEAUTY BOX of the Month title.  And then in the following month, there will be four.  I must be honest, I don't think that I'll keep all four.  My husband will have a hernia with all of the trips that he'll have to make to the post office to pick up my packages.

EDIT: Did anyone else not get a tracking number for their Glymm box?  I got it for my Glymm order, but not the box.


Hi Everyone,

A while back, I mentioned how Glossybox was starting up in Canada, well, it's here!  I was very excited about it and I signed up for it right away.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until February to receive my first box.  *sad face*.  It is a little more expensive than the other three (LuxeBox from LooseButton, Glymm Box and TopBox).  Please see below for more information:

*Originated from the UK and now available to Canadians!
* Monthly Subscription, auto renews.  $15 per month (includes shipping and handling and taxes).  Ships in the first half of the month.
* Receive 5 Luxury samples based on your beauty profile.  It says on the website that it'll throw in a little something-something once in a while.
*Earn GlossyDots for reviewing products in your box and for referring friends.  Every 1000 Glossydots you redeem your points to receive a free box.

I know, I know, it must seem a little overwhelming to have so many options!  But that's the beauty of democracy?  Even as I typed it, i knew that i sounded silly.  Oh well.

I'll of course post my GlossyBox when I receive it.  I love sharing!

Unfortunately, the website, doesn't have a heck of a lot of information, being that it's still a baby website, but I definitely recommend checking out the FAQs (I'm always the skeptic!).  I was a little disappointed that there isn't an online store like Glymm, but heck, like I need more places to buy from.  Also, there was a brand list either, like it said in the FAQs.  RAWR.  I am going into this a little blind because I've heard mixed reviews about this box, but this is Canada and everything is better (albeit a little colder..hello -40!).  :)  So I'm hoping that everything will work out.  If not, I can cancel 14 days prior to the next box.  But like I'm going to scream and shout if I have to receive

Okay, it's getting late and I have to work tomorrow, but first, I gotta work my way through my Glymm box!  (LuxeBox is a little late this month - supplier issues and trying to reduce their packaging and shipping time because of complaints that reviews and such are going up before the majority of people have even received their boxes!)  Review will be going up.  If not tonight, tomorrow then!

Shipping Apps....

Being the voracious online shopper that I am, I thought that it would be most prudent to download all of the shipping apps known to man...or at least those that are available to North Americans.  There are four that I know of...USPS (United States Postal Service), UPS (United Parcel Service - I think), FedEX, and Canada Post.

Personally, I try and NOT use UPS or FedEx if I can help it.  As in, I try not to order from places that use UPS or FedEx.  Not because they are more expensive (which I'm sure that they are) but because of two things - I live in a condo so if there's nobody home to sign, then I'm not getting the package.  They leave a nice little note for you, telling you that they will try again (but like 95% of the population, I have a 7ish-5ish job) or I can call to arrange to pick it up.  And guess what?  Their operating pick up hours are between 9 (I think - either way, it's not early enough for me) to about 5:30pm.  Now, for someone who works way in the south and who often gets off around 5pm, how am I suppose speed my way across town within half an hour?  Especially now that this darned city is choked with cars?  So..if those two are options and I have no choice but to purchase them, I will get the purchase sent to my husband's work, where the front office people are awesome for signing for all the crap that I buy and for his bosses for laughing at my crazy shopping habits.  Obviously, I don't want a new package to arrive at his work EVERY week, I think that it would just start to ignore his bosses.  The biggest thing is that now my husband KNOWS that I purchase something.  I guess, not that he wouldn't know even if I got it sent to my house.  He would ultimately be the one driving to the post office to pick it up I suppose The nice little korean lady that works at the post office near our place LOVES my husband.  It's hilarious.  She always asks him what his wife is buying now.....I'm sure that he answers that she's a professional shopper.  Or something to make me look bad.  :P.  

Anyways, so that leaves me with two shipping apps left - USPS and Canada Post.  I used to think that CP sucked.  Royally sucked.  The tracking online didn't always work when you entered in your tracking number, it wasn't consistent with sending you emails on the status of your shipment.  USPS...well, all you every got was your initial tracking number and then it was all up to the fates.  Now, it's great with these apps, I don't have to worry about constantly logging into my email to check on the status, or typing in the bajillion alpha-numberical sequence that they call a tracking number.  I type it in once into the app and done!  Or so you would have thought!  Alas, the last status update I have on something I ordered on the 3rd is for the 7th.  And today is????  Nice....

Canada Post, I've just started using and so far, it's been fantastic.  It even tells you when someone has signed for it, or it's been successfully delivered.  It's easy to use.  Open app, click on tracking and you enter in your tracking number once and it's saved.  When you've received your package, you can delete it.  It's been up to date for the three packages that I've received and tracked through CP so far.  And I mean, it's updated in pretty close to real time.  Or at least in a couple of hours of the actioning. should take a cue as to what CP is doing, because obviously they are doing it better.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Impatience is a virtue?

I LOVE shopping online.  Heck, I love shopping.  Period.  Online vs. regular shopping, each has their own excellent virtues.  Regular shopping = instant gratification.  Online shopping is like...magical.  I love receiving packages, it's like getting little surprises - even though you know exactly what you're getting.  Lately, I've ordered a crap load of stuff.  For example, a bunch of EOS lip balms from their online store (hello Holiday Special Limited Editions!!!), 8 pairs of shoes (I'm a should see my new renovated closet - that's for another day!), some stuff from Glymm, and soon, some Sigma brushes.  Unfortunately, I think that my beauty boxes are going to be shipped next week, which sucks because I think that everything is set to arrive next week.  I don't want all my boxes at once!  It'll be way too overwhelming.  And to have them all arrive at once, it's not cool, I'll have to open all of them at once...and it won't be much of a surprise anymore.  Why not open them one at a time, you ask?  SImple....they sit there, calling my name.  I won't be able to concentrate at work because I'll be thinking about them all day sitting there, on my desk....lonely.... oh so lonely....wanting to be picked next to be opened.....NOT FAIR!!!!  They were all supposed to come one after another, preferably with at least a couple of days in between so I've had time to full absorb the joy that comes from receiving something new.  I've been robbed I tell you!!!  Totally robbed! compensate, I've been buying things.  My husband is near his breaking point.  I can see it in his eyes.  A he doesn't even recognize who I am anymore.  Just joking.  It's pretty close though.  Today, I picked up 3 Maybelline Baby Lips (review to follow).  So much for 10 pan again.  Maybe I should just stop pretending that I can do this.  *sad face*  NO!  I can do this....  I believe in myself.  Though, I must admit, the Baby Lips seem very promising.  Okay, I gotta go. I have to go do some more online shopping.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Bitten - No, Not Talking about Twilight Sparkly Vampires

You know, I've never understood the attraction of Twilight.  It seems to capture the imagination of both young and old.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Science Fiction as much as the next person, but I just couldn't get into this.  I remember, my sister forced me to watch this movie and I ended up sleeping through half of it.  I rarely sleep through movies.  Strange.  Anyways, this post isn't to talk about weird sparkly vampires (another strange thing, I think that the writer, Stephanie Meyer is a fairly strict Mormon and yet, she's talking about supernatural.), we're here to talk about Revlon's Just Bitten.  It's similar to they lip butters, but it's a stain.  It's got the stain tip on one end and the balm on the other. 

The colour I purchase is called Passion and it's magenta-y pink type of shade.  Since I'm a heavy balm user, I find that I may run out of balm before I run out of stain.  Then, I'll just be carrying around this pen. Like most stains, it'll pick up all the fine lines and etc, so my solution to this problem is to put balm on first, then stain, and balm again.  Or skip out the second time.  When I swatched it on my hand, I did so without the balm underneath.  It stained it good.  I couldn't remove that stuff even with make up remover. I'm guessing, in theory, it'll eventually wear off during the day. 

My take: It's definitely NOT a product for me.  Not at all.  I found that I had to put on quite a bit of stain, not that my lips are super dark or anything, but my bottom lip, middle part would have this amazing splash of colour and the rest was nothing.  So I looked like i had half a geisha lip.  WTF?  So anyways, but the time that I got the rest of my lips looking fairly even, I had slathered way too much product!  Not only that, it was drying.  Even with the balm.  I tried to two ways.  One way was stain then balm.  Second way was balm, stain and balm again.  Neither worked very well.  It lasted all day, but not all of it.  By lunch time (after drinking tea and eating a muffin), all but the middle of my lip had no more stain on it.  THOUGH, I must say, i'm still wiping it off the middle part of my lip now (after dinner).  There is no particular smell or taste.  The balm seems to be like regular lip balm/chapstick.  Overall, because it's unsanitary to share lip products, it's going to be sacrificed to the garbage gods. No worries, I won't count this as pan.  Though - I did hit pan with last night with my LUSH BIG Shampoo.  Thank god I have two more waiting in the wings (see, what did I tell you about my crazy obsession to COLLECT things? No wonder my husband doesn't want to get a bigger place).

The colour is quite strong (or as the catch phrase seems to be, "quite pigmented" and there was a HUGE variety of colours.  They are a little more expensive than the Lip Butters.  I believe that I paid about $10.99 for mine at Superstore.  I'm sure that these can be found at any drugstore that sells Revlon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011's Most Played on my Playlist

I need to preface this by saying that I'm a HUGE trance fan.  As in, this is pretty much ALL that I listen to.  My husband, for Xmas one year had two 12 inch competition level subs installed in my pathfinder.  Can we say BASS????  I rock it every time I drive.  Not only does your liver vibrate, it's quite possible, after a ride with me, it may be displaced.  Other than the odd time that I'm listening to country music - because my husband is playing it and I don't have my phone on me to plug in to.  Oh yeah, my husband is a cowboy at heart. We are a weird combination, don't you agree?  At the same time, I will admit that I have those few guilty pleasures that we call pop songs.  And when I mean guilty, I mean, do not mention that I listen to them.  Though, I can proudly say that there isn't a single Justin Bieber song that ranks in my guilty pleasures playlist.  Please do not get Trance mixed up with House or Techno.  They are very different genres.  Trance is more melodic and not always in your face and repetitive.  Plus, we don't dress weird like those that listen to the others.

Here are the 10 most played songs in my playlist, in no particular order, as I play them all equally hard and loud!
The Thunder - Orjan Nilsen feat. Kate Louise Smith
Someone Like You - Adele (she is absolutely amazing!)
Rollin' In The Deep - Adele (the Linkin Park version rocks as well)
Levels - Avicii
Sundown - Chris Lake
Fire - Sunloverz feat. Rosette
Lights - Ellie Goulding (Dubstep Remix)
Little White Doves - EC Twins and Remy Le Duc Remix (can we saw awesome summer anthem?)
Beggin' You - Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren (Armin van Buuren Remix)
Sinners - Markus Schulz presents Dakota (Airfoil Remix) (Hey, not all remixes were made equal!)

Honourable Mentions:
Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene (Some Sort of Remix I found on iTunes) <-guilty pleasure.  Hey, I said no songs by the Biebs, but I didn't say anything about his girlfriend!
Stereo Love - Edward Maya feat.  Alicia (Original Mix)
Rapture - iio feat Nadia Ali (Armin VB Remix) <- I was very happy to see that they've remixed and re-released this song!!!
Sunshine - David Guetta & Avicii
C'mon - Tiesto & Diplo
Almost anything from Erik Arbores (to be fair, I discovered this VERY YOUNG phenom very late in December)
Down The Line - Orjan Nilsen (another great DJ)

I'm sure that there are many more that deserve honourable mentions, but I can't seem to think of them right now.

I'm a little disappointed that my fav dj, Tiesto doesn't have any songs on my first list, but that's the way it goes.  That's not to say that he didn't release some really awesome tracks, he did, but none made this list!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Been A Long Hard Road...

I FINALLY got my Starbucks gold card!!!!  I have this love-hate relationship with Starbucks.  I hate that I have to spend money on iced passion tea, but I love that I don't have to make it myself!  I'm still disappointed that we don't have the same benefits as those in States.  I was a little behind getting on the bandwagon - I resisted buying anything Starbucks for the longest time and then all of the sudden, I couldn't stop.  White Hot Chocolate, Iced Passion Tea, and etc.  I was a little slow signing up for the rewards card too.  I think that I signed up late September and I finally hit my gold status in November.  But it took until now for me to receive my gold card.  Seriously???  6-8 weeks???  It's not really made of out gold....and it's not like they had to etch my name in.  I don't get it.  But here it is.  I was excited when I saw it show up in my Starbucks app on my phone! Anyways, once I had signed it, it's like Starbucks had issued me a challenge - try and hit gold as soon as possible.  I'm always up for a good challenge, so I did.  I got my husband a card, my best friend a card, my dad had a card...and linked them all up to my account!  I mean, I drank a lot that fall, but it wasn't as pricey as I thought that it would because I was still able to purchase my IPT (Venti Iced Passion Tea - 8 pumps of classic.  That's just the iced tea and NOT the lemonade.)  So I didn't have to start paying for the more expensive drink yet because it was still warm out.  And it helped that I was able to use my card it when I went to Vegas.  Anyways, now, I'm VIP.  :P

PS. I did take a picture of the gold card, but I couldn't block out my name, so alas, I didn't post the picture, but it's epically glorious!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Many Colors!

I LOVE and I mean LOVE nail polishes.  OPI, Chanel, Sally Hansen, Avon, Calvin Klein, MAC, you name it, I gotta have it!  I used to purchase the full sized bottles and then discovered the awesome Sephora OPI minis.  OMG!  It's like getting more bang for your buck.  And you don't have to worry about the big bottle of nail polish separating or drying up.  The only problem with the minis is that they aren't labelled with anything more than the colour code (I don't know what the true term is, either way, it doesn't name the colour).  After a while, I couldn't tell one pink from another and some colours are definitely misleading when sitting there in the bottle, calling my name and asking me to use them!!!  At first, I swatched the colours into a book - no discernible order (big mistake!!!) and then I finally found nail colour wheels!  I purchased mine from Sally's Beauty Supply.  Actually, I first saw the colour wheels in their flyer it was about $4 for one wheel.  I was thinking to myself, dang!  I'm going to have to spend $40 to do this project! Lo and behold, when I got to Sally's it was $8 for 10 colour wheels with 18 nails on it.  I wasn't sure how many colours I really had so I picked up two packages (just in case I mess up and yea, I did.  Boo.)  The back was a little small so I couldn't put the names of the colours on it. So I used pieces of card stock (thick Bazzil's Basics card stock) and mounted lined paper on them, numbered the back of the colour wheel, painted the colour and wrote down the corresponding name.  Voila!  I LOVED painting the nails - weird isn't it.  I think that I actually started to get a little high from the fumes from the nail polish and top coat.  >.<  And without further ado!  Here is the collection!  Give or take a couple of colours - my mom stole a few!

 My Purples.

For whatever reason I had a major brain fart and called these two wheels Blacks and Whites, when really, I probably should have used Neutrals.  DUH!

My Greens.  Of which I don't think that I've ever worn a single colour.  

My Yellows, Oranges and "others".  You know, I've never understood the rhyme and reason behind "summer colours" and "winter colours".  If I want to wear orange in the winter, I darned well will!!!

One of my favourite collections!  The PINKS!!!!!  The hotter the better!

I do love me some reds.  <3

Singing the blues!

It turns out that I have about 122 colours (I didn't swatch all of the colours, only those that were mini).  This wasn't a huge undertaking, but it did take a little bit of time.  Maybe about a couple of hours - given the amount of nail polish that I had.  But now that I'm done, I'm super happy that things are finally organized!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project 10 pan - again?

I know, I know.  It's been tried many, many, many times.  There are probably more failures than successes - for everyone who has tried this seemingly easy challenge.  How this works (for myself, anyways): you must use up (or "hit pan") 10 products before you can purchase anything new!  I'm extending my own challenge to include more than just make up products.  Not because I want to cheat, but because when I buy, I buy everything.  And I mean everything!  I have this need to make sure that I don't have just ONE back up of whatever, I need a back up of a back up x 5!!! It's a very bad, bad, bad habit.  In order to kick it and in a last ditch effort to try and stay organized (we just got customized closets put in - thank you California Closets!), I need to try and change my habits.  Now...I am applying exceptions!  My beauty boxes are excluded, which means that as I get them, they do not count as me "purchasing" the the same time, as I finish my samples, they do not count towards my 10 pan count.  I know that's a little bit of cheating because I am getting new product, but hey, they are small!!!!  Okay, okay, not convincing you am I?  Sigh....I'm trying!