Monday, April 30, 2012

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

About a year ago, I was at Sephora (in Seattle somewhere) and I looked into one of those darned mirrors and I freaked!  I had dark circles!  I immediately grabbed the closest make-up associate (who also happened to be a guy with beautiful make up on and flawless skin - how does this happen???) and screamed at him to help me with my dark circles!!!!  He worked his magic and I looked refreshed.  The one magic product that he used on me?  A MUF (Make Up Forever) Flash Color Pot in Salmon.  It was this bright pink thing that completely neutralized the blue in my under eye dark circles.  As luck would have it, they were completely out of the product.  It was my last day there, so I didn't really have time to spend going from Sephora to Sephora tracking down this product.  I got the name and tried to look for it back home.  Of course, they were out back home too.  I thought that I got pretty close with using Benefit's Erase paste, but just lately, it hasn't been doing the trick.  So, I've decided to pick up the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles because there have been nothing but really good reviews on this product.  It was between this and an Almay product (which I might still pick up).

This is a treatment concealer with Goji Berry and Haloxyl.  If you have really dark circles, you still need to use a colour neutralizer underneath.  Which to me, is pointless because I could have easily used the colour neutralizer and then just my regular foundation over it.  Or mix the two together.  I purchased this from Superstore for $10.99.  There were three shades available - Light, Light/Medium and Medium.  I purchased medium based on everything that I've read - you should go darker, not lighter.  

The applicator is different from what I'm used to.  It's this round brush head, and you have to turn the collar of the tube to get the product moving up and into the brush.  I wouldn't say that the brush was entirely accurate, placement wise, but it was pretty good.  I mean, if I was aiming for a specific spot under my eye, I didn't get my nose.  It was relatively mess free to apply.  Though, you have to be careful, the instructions say that you just need a few turns to get the product flowing (after initial use) and I don't think that you even need that.  I think that one turn per eye dispenses plenty of product.

As you can tell from the swatch, it's quite orange/yellow.  It's supposed to "off-set" blue/purple undertones (it's best for blue veins that sometimes occur at the edges of your eyes). It's quite creamy, quick to apply and stays moist.  You will need to prime under your eyes, otherwise, it'll show every line and crease.  It is a very thick product, which I'm not used to - I could feel it on my skin ALL DAY (or perhaps it's all in my head?).  I'm used to  concealers that are normally quite light and blend-able...very much like how liquid a foundation is.  This product is buildable, but you need to be careful, it'll get cakey. You will need to set it with some sort of powder.  I just used my regular setting powder, which made it feel a little less sticky, but still sticky nonetheless.  One thing that I do have to give kudos to is that this product never felt greasy, which is always a bonus in my books.

The way I wore it was with a colour corrector underneath (more yellow), then a light layer of Age Rewind and then my Make Up Forever HD Concealer.  To set it, I used my Lancome Setting Powder (which unfortunately, they have discontinued - oh why???  You were the perfect powder product!!!!).  The end of result was nice coverage, but to me, that's a lot of product that you're putting underneath your eyes.  I think that just using the colour corrector and then the HD concealer would have done the trick also.  Provided that I'm using the right colour corrector.

If you have light dark circles underneath your eyes, or are of fair skin, then this product may be made just for you, but I have olive skin tones and I didn't find that it did much.  If anything, it highlighted the area a little. And the only way that it did do it's job, was when it help from many, many, many others.

Overall, I don't think that this will be a repurchase for me.  I actually don't even use it everyday.  I'm using it to just use the product up.  It's not a bad product, but it wasn't for me.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Julep Maven Spring Mystery Box

For those that are new to the beauty box game, Julep Maven is another of those boxes, but their focus is on manicure and pedicure type products.  I'd like to say that their main focus are actually their polishes.  But once in a while, they come out with these "mystery" boxes.  These boxes come out per season and/or per special holiday and are not part of your regular subscription.  They are also limited in quantities. The cost is $60, but come with at least $200 worth of products (or so it's said).  On Julep's Facebook page, they do give previews of what you might possibly get, but you are not guaranteed to get those products.

My first impression of the box - it's small.  But unfortunately, not small enough to fit into my littler mail box.  *sigh*  It was easy to open (Glymm!!!  Take notes!!!) and everything was packaged very well.  The polishes were in bubble wrap which sat nestled on crinkled pieces of paper.  I love the contrasting pink paper bag that everything was in...keeping everything a secret until you ripped it open.  The bubble wrap was held with rubber bands.  I'm mentioning this because I think that they took really great care with the shipping of the products.  I don't know about you, but I remember dropping a CLOSED bottle of polish onto the carpet promptly being grounded until I got married.  So, having everything wrapped tight really won points in my eyes!  Enough jibber jabbering!  Let's get to the box!

I received chocolates (which were promptly consumed.  Oh heck, who am I kidding?  I inhaled them), a nail file, a cute "HELLO SPRING" card, three colour polishes, top coat and a bottle of essential cuticle oil.  Everything is available for purchase in their store.  As a Maven member, you get 20% off your purchase and free shipping.  Their polish prices range anywhere between $14.00-$18.00 and their mani and pedi items have a wide range of prices also.
Prices for the items that I received: Top Coat $14, Hayden $14, Helena $14, Melissa $14 and the Cuticle Oil was $18.00.  Total cost of items received : $74.  Hmmmm...
Hayden is a "neon peach" as per the Julep website. I thought that it was more like pale peach.  It went on quite sheer but it's beautiful shade.  (the colour in the picture is quite close to what it looks like in real life)
Helena is this shock of ultra saturated fushia.  Unfortunately, my camera and editing does not do it justice.  It's really edgy.  I love it.  It goes on fairly opaque, but you'd still need two coats.  I don't know if it's just my bottle, but I found this one to be very runny.  It was kind of weird.  It also dried a little matte.  Kind of cool.
Melissa is sheer shimmery opalescent shade.  Perfect for adding that little something something on top of another colour.
The cuticle oil is divine.  It smells like lavender really helps moisturize those cuticles!  Truly, a little of this stuff goes a long way.

Overall, I liked this mystery box, but was disappointed that i didn't get more.  I mean, not to sound greedy but I expected at least $100 worth of stuff ($200 seems a little crazy).  And a TOP COAT?  C'mon!  LIke I wouldn't own 400 top coats already.  -.- (I really wish blogger had emoticons.)

P.S. For those interested, there are coupon codes for mystery boxes also!

P.P.S. Don't forget about BlogHop #7!!!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Julep Maven Intro Box

I am SO weak!  I signed up for Julep Maven.  SIGH.  Actually, I can't complain because I only paid $0.01 for this first box (thank goodness for coupon codes!).  

Julep Maven is another subscription box that is available to Canadians but based out of the United States.  For those interested, it looks like they ship out of Seattle, Washington.  For $19.99 a month, which includes shipping and handling charges, you will get anywhere between 4-5 manicure and pedicure items.  You will be able to preview your box and change your style (and box) and add on extras the 20th of every month and boxes ship on the 27th of each month.  You can also skip a month for free.  Julep products are also supposed to be formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free.

After taking the style quiz, I'm Classic with a Twist.  BUT, you can change your boxes if you don't like what is included with that box.  To make things even more tempting, you can also purchase the previous month's box of whatever style that interests you.  For example, for the month March, say I decided that I really liked the Classic with a Twist box, but I also really liked the Boho Glam.  Well, I can keep my Classic with a Twist and when all the boxes have shipped, I can purchase the Boho Glam box approximately a week after from the Maven Boutique.  These boxes are only available for about two weeks after they are released.  Alternatively, you can "add on" to your current box.  Julep will have the individual items in the other boxes available for add on around the same time you are picking your box for the month.  The only limitation is that you are restricted to only adding on two items.  The item prices range from $4.99 - $9.99, though I'm guessing it really depends on the product, it could be more expensive.  I really like this concept and the ability to preview the products in your box.  Once in a while, they also offer mystery boxes.  I think that these boxes are released per season or special holiday.  These are pricier - weighing in at $60 for the box and is available in limited quantities.  You are supposed to receive approximately $200 worth of goodies.

In my intro box (this looks like a standard box that everyone of that particular style receives) contained two polishes, nail file and "great big thing of hand treatment".  I'm not a big fan of doing hand treatments, but I guess that I'm going to have to start (or keep it for a giveaway when I hit 50 followers!).  I received a full sized "facial for hands" - glycolic hand scrub.  It has an unique double-exfoliating action of glycol acid and apricot seeds that leaves you with noticeably softer and younger looking hands after just one use.

The two nail colours that I received were "Kelly" and "Anne". "Kelly" is a light blushed white creme polish that goes on quite sheer and a little too pale for me.  I like it, but just not suitable.  Either be white or be light pink!  "Anne" on the other hand is a bombshell.  Unfortunately, my camera does not capture how beautiful this shade is.  Julep describes it as an ultra saturated violet.  Yes. Yes, it is.  It's gorgeous and opaque but you'll still need two coats.  Without a top coat, it dries to a matte finish and once you add the top coat, it takes on this vibrant shine that just adds that much more to the shade. 

One thing that I do have to say is that the shipping kind of sucked.  No, really, it sucked for me.  It shipped via USPS and there was a tracking number, but it stopped working once the item crossed the border.  Well, no, that's a lie. It just didn't work.  It was stuck at "pre-shipment information received". So I never knew where my package was at (it also took about two weeks to reach me)...which really worried me because my shipping email was strange - it had Chinese characters!  Even though I'm Chinese, it doesn't mean I can read it!  And there was definitely NO WAY that Julep knew I was Chinese!  :P I seriously thought that it was a virus!  I'm hoping that my next box will be different. 

Intro Box Rating : 3 out of 5 stars.

Don't forget!  BlogHop #7 is still happening!

Small Town Gal's 100 Follower Giveaway!

It seems like everyone is reach huge awesome milestones lately!!!

I hope that one day I'll reach 100 followers, but for now head on over Small Town Gal's page and follow her blog and enter her giveaway.  She has a really awesome blog (and really great taste in handbags!).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi, My Name is Jamie...and I think that I have a Problem....

Massive Haul Time!!!!  Since it's so massive (includes store and online purchases), I think that it deserved 4 exclamation marks. Here's a little back story before you all start judging!  :P  

In a couple of months, we are going to Vancouver, BC (our neighbour to the west) for about a week and then I'm heading down to Seattle, WA to visit my sister there.  Seattle = Shop to you drop everyday.  And I mean from first thing in the morning to when they close kind of shopping.  I'll probably lose weight from all the shopping I plan on doing!  Anyways,I have to start saving up because there are few big ticket items that I do plan on picking up when I'm down there.  BUT...there are tons of temptations down there.  Cheaper clothes, cheaper shoes, cheaper cosmetics, cheaper everything.  Plus, being from Alberta, I'm tax exempt in most stores (BONUS!).  We all know how weak willed I am when it comes to seeing something that catches my eye.  And I've learned my lesson - last time I was down visiting my sister, I saw this beautiful Michael Kors clutch at the outlet for like $20 and I didn't grab it, so by the time that I had decided that I wanted it, it was back to regular price again ($120!!!).  So sad. To this day, I remember that lesson - hesitate and you'll die.  Okay, maybe not.  :P  Anyways, back to the story, I'm going to try and not buy anything for the next three months...BUT...I am allowed 3 "free passes" to buy anything I want within reason (within reason, as per my husband means that I cannot run out and purchase the four-digit Louis Vuitton that I've been dying to have).  And of course, if there are items that I run out of, I can purchase only ONE of them.  It almost seems like he's really put some thought into the rules and regulations....Anyways, he had to go out of town for business and he felt really bad (I know that this will sound really cheesy, but my husband and I are inseparable), so he said that I could go shopping, without having to use a free pass (he didn't really think that one through did he???).

P.S. This is going to be a long and picture heavy blog.  I'm also trying a new spot for taking pictures, new camera set up and photo editing "software", so hopefully, everything turns out okay!  Edit: yipes, upon previewing, I see that most of my captions and some shots are super blurry...I apologize ahead of time, this photo editing software is still a little new to me.

I had previously picked up a dotting tool from Sally's but they only had one size, so i ordered a 5 pack of dotting tools and a couple of mini polish sets (i couldn't resist!) from NailpolishCanada.  The mini polish sets that I picked up were Essie's "Navigate Her" and Orly's "Cool Romance".  I'm not the biggest Essie fan because I find their polish a little on the thin side and not very opaque, but these colours were so gorgeous that I couldn't resist and thought that I'd try and give them another go.  I really like Orly so if this set is anything like the I Love Nails mini set, I'm going to upgrade their status from "like" to LOVE!
From L to R: Ole Caliente, Tour de Finance, To Buy or Not To Buy, Navigate Her, You're Blushing, Jealous Much?, Prelude to a Kiss, Faint of Heart.
Essie: Ole Caliente is a hot red, Tour de Finance is a shimmery magenta, To Buy or Not To Buy is a light mauve and Navigate her is a light moss green.
Orly: You're Blushing is muted lavender, Jealous Much? is a minty green, Prelude to a Kiss is a bridal pink and Faint of Heart is a light concrete grey.

London Drugs was having a sale on their Vichy products and I'm a huge fan of Vichy.
From their Normaderm line, I picked up Pro Mat (Ultra Mattifying Moisturizer) and Night (Chrono-active anti imperfection care).  My skin has finally calmed down and now it's time to fix the damage that has been done. I also love toners, so I picked up a toner.  If you spend over a certain amount, you received a free hand cream.  

Oh Sephora....I can't live with you and I can't live without you.  I had just finished purchasing a bunch of items with the VIB 15% off and then I receive a 10% for "renewing" my VIB status.  As far as I'm concerned, it should've been like 50% because I think that within a year, I renew that sucker many times over!  
I just picked up more Shiseido facial cottons, Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum, Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick and a NARS blush.  For those that use the Shiseido cottons, Sephora is cheaper than the Shiseido counter at The Bay.  I know that these cottons seem like an unnecessary splurge and that's what I had thought too until I tried my first one.  I'm never going to look back.  They are softer and are such good quality that it seems to use up less product also.  My mother suggested that I pick up the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  It's a little too shimmery for me, but it's got some really pretty colours, so if anything, I can use it on top of another blush to add a little something-something to it.  For the most part, they are all really light sheer colours in the palette. I also received a sample of Caudlie's VinoPerfect Day Perfecting Fluid.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose
NARS blush in Matahari 
Actually, the main purpose of going shopping was to pick up a new blush.  I've been using MAC's Peachykeen since my University Days (not to date myself, but let's ball park it at "a couple of years of a few more years) and I just find that it's not really making me look peachy or keen anymore.  I've been really wanting to try out the "doll" look with a really fresh, pinky cheek. And of course, MAC had just released a few collections, so I stopped by a store with two blushes in mind that I wanted to purchase from their Tres Cheek line.  Alas, they only had one of the two blushes and of course, I walked out with more than I intended.  Peony Petal is very similar to NARS Matahari, but a little brighter in shade but equally as gorgeous!  I cannot wait to wear this!  I picked up two more brushes.  Gosh, I don't know why.  I have so many brushes already (I guess I'll just add make up brushes to my hoard list).

Lacome (at The Bay) was having an awesome gift with purchase - 7 pieces and you get to choose which pieces you wanted from the options (serum, skincare, make up remover, body treatment, blush, eye make up, and lip colour) and of course, it all comes in a make up bag!  I went with my mom because she needed a few things too, so we just combined our purchases because if you purchased over a certain amount, you would get a bonus gift with purchase (a brush set).  My mother purchased a facial cleanser and I purchased their reformulated Translucent powder (you have no idea how happy that Lancome has brought this product back!).  This is one of my FAVORITE powders and was very sad (no, I was heartbroken!) to find out that they had stopped producing it a couple of years ago - especially when I had just hit pan on the one that I stole from my mom.  YAY!  There are some items missing from my GWP - I have a sneaking suspicion that my mom may have let some of those items "slip" into her bag.  :P
From L to R: Volcano (Shimmer), Drama (Shimmer) Exhibition (Metallic) and Latte (Matte), Blush Subtil in Aplum
The shadows are very buildable and same with the blush, though the blush reminds me very much of my Peachykeen.  My favourite eye shadow colour has got to be Drama.  It's iridescent and just simply divine.  Latte is a pretty colour also.  Nice for highlighting.

Last but not splurge items.  Actually, these were a very generous gift from my mom.

I picked up two blushes, pressed powder, polish remover (my mother insisted!) and a nail colour.  I love Chanel nail colour.  I know that they aren't 3 free like most new polishes are out on the market, but I still love them. I own quite a few shades and will only purchase them if it's a shade that I really LOVE (because they really are a splurge).  
#64 Pink Explosion, #99 Rose Petale, Nail Color in #307 Orange Fizz and #30 Natural Translucent 2
Another apology for the blurry pic of the nail polish, but it does capture the shade.
Left to Right : #99 Rose Petale and #64 Pink Explosion
The blushes are not baked.  Rose Petale looks really orange, but it's great on my skin tone.  It's natural and even contours a little (no, I don't have orange skin!), but the pink explosion really is a pink explosion.  It's actually quite sheer and buildable.  This is probably about 5 applications.  They both have a tiny little bit of shimmer to them, just barely noticeable.  The nail colour is this bright peachy orange.  It's so opaque that I probably could get away with one coat.  I also received a bunch of samples.  The Chanel rep also let me look at her Summer Lookbook for the new products that will start hitting the counters in a couple of weeks.  Lots of shimmer bricks in golden hues, new perfumes, new skincare and a new mascara.  To me, this mascara will be a huge deal.  It's the same formulation of Blinc but with the benefits of Fairy Drops (I find that Fairy Drops is way flaky and Blinc doesn't build of lengthen).  She did say that she would call me when that stuff comes in so I can get first pick (or at least twentieth).  Fingers crossed that she remembers because I would hate not being one of the first people in the city to get my grubby little hands on the mascara!

Whew!  That's it!  I promise to do better with the editing next time!  Out of all of the items that I purchased, the one item that I consider a real splurge would be the nail polish (it clocks in at $28!  Thank god for moms!).  What is or would be your splurge item?  

Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey Everyone!!!  I'm participating in another bloghop!

Head on over to BlogLoveTherapy and check it all out.  This is a great way to discover new blogs and meet new friends!

Good luck and Have fun....May the ODDS be EVAR in your FAVOR!

Okay, I don't know why I said that...but have fun!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Glymm Box 2012

I always thought that Glymm shipped out much later than TopBox, but I guess I was wrong (not that I'm complaining!!!  Who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?) because I received my Glymm box just days after I received my TopBox.
My first impression of taking out my Glymm box was, "wow...this box is awfully light".  And when I opened it, I could see why....This month's box contained 4 "samples" and a gift card.
Lucia - Soap No.6 (Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig Soap)
I've been eyeing these soaps forever! Whenever I'm in ChaptersI make a beeline for them.  I pick them up, smell them and then promptly put them back down when I sneak a peak at the price - always hoping that it'll magically drop a 0 on the price tag. So I'm pretty happy that I got a "hotel" sized bar.  Here's a dirty little secret - I hoard soaps (I guess it's one of the many things I hoard) like, if the world was ending tomorrow and only those with a bajillion bars of soap would survive.  Not only would I survive, my whole family and extended family would survive. What can I say? I'm a bit of a germaphobe. And I like soap.
Full Size :  $17.50 for a pkg of 8 soaps (I'm assuming that they are the size of the sample).
Sample : $2.19 for one bar.

Atlelier Cologne - Orange Sanguine Fragrance
"Atlelier Cologne is a niche perfume house based in Paris and New York.  Each scent is intended to embody a singular moment of memory and experience."  Ummmm....well, the only memory and experience I'm going to associate with this smell is of me sitting in front of my computer with my huge honkin'DJ headphones on (bobbing to music of course!), typing this out as I smell it.  Though, I can understand what they are trying to say.  Whenever I smell Tresor, I think of my trip to a perfumery in Paris (no, not Atlelier Cologne).  Anyways, this scent is nothing but oranges.  ECK......If I don't like the smell of oranges on my hands after I have some, I'm definitely not going to like them on my body.  Plus, you all probably know how I feel about these small perfume samples by now.  If not, check it out here.  Or here.  It did come with a cute little postcard.
Full Size: $60 for 30ml or $165 for 200ml
Sample: dunno.

Free Your Mane - Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
*SIGH*.  First, let's start with the positives.  This shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free and seem to have a lot of natural products listed on the ingredients list.  Negatives: C'mon! These are tiny little samples that are probably one time use.  How can I possibly judge whether or not I like your product?  Plus, I think that my conditioner has a hole in it somewhere because it's kind of leaking and leaving an oily residue over everything.
Full Size: $16 for 300ml
Sample: $.78 for both samples

MAI COUTURE - Social Gloss in French 125
I believe in last month's box I received Mai Couture Bronzing blotting papers, so this month, I received lipgloss.  Another product that I don't really use...though lately, because I've been receiving so many glosses, I've been forcing myself to use them.  This gloss is a beautiful light pinky-peach with flecks of gold shimmer.  The smell of this gloss reminds of cake, but it definitely doesn't taste like it....don't ask.  It's a very thick and heavy formula, so hopefully it won't migrate too much off my lips.  It's a little tingly and very sheer.
Full Size: $28.00 for 5ml (WHAT?!)
Sample: $28.00 full size sample.

NUME - $100 Gift Certificate
Took a browse on their website and I couldn't find any kind of information about shipping costs (it's always the first thing that I check out).  Then I took a look at their products. Honestly, there wasn't much.  I had just purchased a bunch of professional hot tools, so I'm not really in the market for more. Plus, my hair is so long that I don't need extensions.

I'm trying to not be critical, but I'm SO disappointed with this month's Glymm box. So so so so so disappointed, regardless of the total cost of samples received.

Total for April's Glymm Box: $130.97 (yes, I'll include the gift cert in there, just in case I do end up using it).

April's Glymm Box Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of this box?  Are you subscribed to Glymm?  Did you like yours?

Friday, April 20, 2012


YAY for my second TopBox!  I wasn't super impressed with last month's (and my first) box, will this one do it for me?  

This month's box was an ode to Earth Day so it came in a recycled box.  It was very cute.  Honestly, TopBox's packaging is my favourite by far - it's so minimalist.  

There were four products and a small "bonus" in this month's TopBox.

Benefit - the POREfessional
I've been wanting to try this product for a while now.  It's supposed to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother than smooth skin.  It is a translucent and oil free formula that dries to a powder finish.  This can also double up as primer of sorts, though I heard that it's not really good for combination to oily skin. One thing that I also noticed about this is that it has a really nice scent. 
Full Size: $34 for 22ml
Sample: $11.59 for 7.5ml

Principessa Beauty - Notte/Bianco Breeze Dry Shampoo (for dark shades)
I've never tried a dry shampoo before because I wash my hair everyday (personal preference), so this product isn't really for me, but I suppose that it would be nice to have this hanging around in case I ever needed it. I really like the packaging of this product, it's so cute and elegant.  This product was a personalized shade.
Full Size: $24 for 125g
Sample: $5.76 for 30g

MISA - Nail Lacquer (in High Waist Hue)
I have never heard of this brand before, but I really love the shade.  It's a taupe-y pink nude creme shade.  When I see nude shades, I think of elegance and versatility.  I can see myself wearing this everyday, yet I can see myself wearing this to a gala.  Misa's formula contains nano-silver particles to reduce chipping and is non-fading.  This product was a personalized shade.
Full Size: $8.99 for 15ml
Sample: $8.99 full size

Bella Pella - Tropical Flowers Body Lotion
I have never tried a Bella Pella product before so I was pretty happy that I could finally try this brand.  I'm usually pretty picky about body lotion because I have very dry skin and there's nothing I hate more than having that instant drink of moisture and then dryness 5 minutes after.  On my hands, this lotion smells absolutely delish and left my skin feeling so soft.  It has a light floral scent that is calming and refreshing.
Full Size: $15.95 for 175ml
Sample: $2.73 for 30ml

Bonus - Cargo blu-ray HD Pressed Powder
The sample included is a one time use sample.  It looks like you'll have to blot it on your face, which could create uneven coverage.  I think if you were to try and apply it with a brush, you'd lose too much product in the brush.  I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I really don't like samples like these.  You just can't gauge whether or not you'll like the product from one use, so why bother?
Total Value of this Month's Box : $29.07.  It's a little on the low end, but at least there were actual deluxe/full sized samples in this month's box which makes me very happy.  Even with the Principessa Beauty dry shampoo, I'm pretty happy with this box.

April TopBox Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting your Glam On!

Glam Glow - the greatest thing for your face since....sliced bread?  Okay, that didn't work out, but you get my drift.  In my February Glymm box, I received a sample of Glam Glow.  It's the new IT mud mask in Hollywood.  It's supposed to get your skin camera ready in 15 minutes.  WHAT? addition, it's supposed leave your skin soft and radiant, remove all of your skin's impurities without sucking up all of your natural oils, provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation, activate moisturizing collagen synthesis, and provide smoother skin texture.  All in 15 minutes!  

My sample was good for at least two masks.  Thank god for awesome friends because I managed to finagle one from my girlfriend. 

I don't really do masks all that often, but when I do, my fav is the mud mask.  There's nothing more satisfying than knowing that all the impurities are being sucked right out and washed away.

My first impressions was that this product is VERY gritty.  There were lots of little bits and pieces.  This product contains no artificial colours or fragrances.  It does contain a lot of volcanic rock and mineral ash, french sea clay, purified clay, real pieces of green tea leaf, green tea seed oil, grape seed, marigold and chamomile flower, cucumber, ivy, herb leaf and lavender oil.  So, even as I'm applying this mask, it's already exfoliating your skin.  It starts drying instantly.  And this is when you start feeling the pain.  Don't laugh!  I'm being serious!  I nearly started to tear!  It was so painful that my teeth started to hurt.  And boy, it really tightened.  As it dried, you could feel your face shrink.  I swear that I couldn't even close my lips because my face was so tight. 

Once I washed everything off, my skin felt soooo soft and it didn't feel dry at all.  I wasn't going to even moisturize for the night.  I don't know how to describe it, but my skin felt so alive.

The only thing that holds me back on purchasing this product is the price.  It's $78 for 50ml.  Currently, there is a promo code for it, bringing the price down to $58?  Or something like that, which still makes it a very expensive mask.  Maybe, one day, when I've run out of things to purchase and places to travel to, I'll splurge on this item, which is a real pity because I really liked it (husband, if you're for whatever reason reading this blog.....hint hint!).  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sasa Haul

Sasa is another Hong Kong based cosmetics company that sells all kinds of asian brands.  I found that Sasa had a much better selection of brands than yesstyle did, but the free shipping minimum was quite a bit higher.

I truly meant to try and purchase skincare products, but the mascaras and eye liners were just irresistible and calling my name!  How could could anyone resist?  Especially when everything was so cheap.  They were almost cheaper than any drugstore brand that I've seen.  Honestly, at anywhere between $8-$15 a liner or mascara, you just can't go wrong.  And when you add skincare into the mix, you would reach that free shipping in no time.  The shipping took a while.  Actually, the whole processing the order took nearly a week and I think that shipping took nearly two weeks.  If there is something that you need super bad....don't go here.  I'd recommend going to Yesstyle.  Both websites have free gifts with purchases.

Truthfully, though, I was on the Sasa website for a purpose.  In a previous haul blogpost about my purchases from yesstyle, I found out that in order to successfully remove the mascara that I had purchased, I need this magical mascara remover.  So off I went, searching for it.  (Yesstyle happened to be out of stock).  But lo and behold, i found it on Sasa.  And obviously a few more items....  I'm NOT good with resisting temptation.

I picked up three eye liquid liners.  I've come to the conclusion that pencil liners just don't like my oily lids.  So unhappy.  All three had really great reviews and ratings.  DejaVu's Perfect Liner, Dolly Wink's Liquid Liner and Koji SpringHeart Liners.  The packaging is so cute on all of them, it's hard to say no. 

It looks like I went overboard on the mascaras didn't I?  NOPE!  I only picked up two.  Both are from Deja Vu - one is a fiberwig (think Blinc or FairyDrops) and the other one is a regular mascara.  The Tiny Sniper mascara (on the right) looks like a liquid liner or something, but it's a mascara.  Even the brush is weird.  It's it'll be interesting to see how that will work and if I'll be able to get the little baby lashes on the inner and outer corners of my eye.  The pink bottles (from Kiss Me) contain the magic mascara remover (review coming up!).  You're probably wondering why any mascara would need this special remover...I read somewhere it's because asian mascaras are highly pigmented and VERY waterproof, so using regular eye make up remover won't do, or you'll come close to rubbing your eye area raw.  I just didn't want to risk it.  So, we'll see how this goes!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I think that I'm no longer a bloghopping virgin?  Steph over at Canadian Beauty Reviews dropped a quick comment about a blog hop.  I was instantly intrigued.  I clicked on the link in her blog and followed the directions!  And here I am!  The link is on the right sidebar.

Essentially, this is a tool for bloggers and readers a like to connect and discover new blogs. Usually the only run for a short period of time.  This is a good way to pick up subscribers and meet new people.  And seriously people, who doesn't like a good giveaway once in a while?

To be honest, I'm super new at this whole blogging thing, but I'm really enjoying the new discoveries that I'm making by reading what others have to say or introduce.  So, what are you waiting for?  Jump to it!  

YAY! BIG Giveaway over at Canadian Beauty Reviews!

Canadian Beauty Reviews aka Steph has hit a huge milestone - 50 followers!!!  And she's celebrating by having a giveaway!  Subscribe to her and enter her giveaway!!!  Lots of Hello Kitty stuff!  YAY!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 HAUL

For years and years and years I've heard about all these great Asian products and never been able to try any until now! Then I found out that yesstyle opened up a Canadian website!  Oh, be still my beating heart.  There were some brands that I definitely knew that I wanted to try right away, but I needed pace myself.  And I think that I did?

Kiss Me Mascara was definitely on top of my list.  Same with Missha, SK-II, Skinfood, Canmake and a few other ones.  I selected a few to begin with - Kiss Me, Missha, Canmake and Pixie.  No skin care stuff...that will be for the next time I place an order.  

Yesstyle and sasa are unique in the way that it allows Canadians access to overseas skin care and make up products that are geared towards asian skin types.  I didn't find that things were particularly more expensive because they are considered "imports".  One word of caution though, is that you may be charged for customs and duties.  I was lucky and I wasn't this time, but my package was opened by customs.

First off, the ordering process was easy.  The prices are a little higher than but their free shipping minimums (for both regular and express shipping) are lower than As you purchase items, you earn "style bucks".  And there are three levels of membership.  The more style bucks, the higher the level of membership.  It looks like ti works the same way as Sephora's VIB, but I think that you get a discount.  But it seems like that you need ALOT of points before you get the lowest discount.  

I noticed that yesstyle doesn't have as many beauty brands as sasa, but yesstyle carries a lot more in the way of variety (clothing, accessories, shoes and etc.  If you follow me on pinterest, you'll notice that i've pinned quite a few items from there!).  Now on to the goodies!

Lashes are my secret (or not so secret) obsession.  I probably own a billion pairs.  I just keep buying and buying them.  I do wear them, but when the lashes last for at least 6 wears, I don't go through them all that quickly.  I wish that I could wear them more often, but I just found that these lashes were just so cute.  Two of the lashes (on the left) are from the brand Kiss me (Heroine Make line) and the other one is Missha (better known for their BB creams).  Both are what are called "doll eye" lashes.  One thing that kind of surprised me is that these lashes weren't shorter in length.  Normally asians have shorter eyes, so I was surprised that they didn't come shorter but are the same length as say, MAC lashes were.  I usually cut a regular length lash in the middle and use it as a full lash.  Or at least a 3/4 length lash.  These lashes ranged anywhere between $8-$12, which the average price of Revlon and/or Ardell lashes.

 Next up are new mascaras and liners!  All of the are from Kiss Me.  Three of them are from their Heroine Make line and other one (black tube) is their Heavy Rotation (not sure if that's the name of the line).  All of them are Long, Volume and Curl mascaras.  Apparently, these mascaras are so unbudgable that you need a special remover for them (on order). The two items on the ends are liners.  I figure, these are fairly cheap liners, so why not!  One is a felt tip pen liner and the other one is a felt tip pot liner. 
The next item I purchased was a blush (I seem to be addicted to buying blushes lately) by Pixi - which I just realized that you can purchase some Pixi items from Winners when they have it in.  Otherwise, I don't know where to find them.  There are two shades in the compact, pink and a highlighter pink.  They are both fairly light.  I didn't swatch them because I'll be doing a review on this blush. I thought that this was a pretty cute compact with the mirror and the brocade outline and then the little compartment on the bottom holding a fairly wide brush.  This reminds me of the 10 bronzer and highlighting duo by Benefit, which I love.

I saw this really pretty palette by Missha and knew that I had to have it!  There were about three other shade combinations for the perfect type of eye.  I wish that I had purchased the smokey eye palette also.  I know that the writing is in Chinese, but it also came with a little english insert telling you where to apply which colour where for a particular look.  And they were really inexpensive!  

As a last minute addition to my basket, I picked up this Canmake eye shadow palette.  I was in a springy kind of mood and these are VERY springy colours!  They have a slight silvery shimmer to the shades.  I've never tried Canmake make up before, I can't say if these will be long lasting or even have good colour, but they were so cheap, I think, even if it doesn't work out with me I would be okay with tossing them.
Hope you enjoyed this haul.  I've also ordered from sasa, so stay tuned for that one!