Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dropping a line!

Hello!  I hope that everyone's christmas was good.  I can't believe that in 2 days (well, more like 1 day), we'll be starting a new year!  I always look forward to a New Year.  I don't me naive, call me silly, but I'm always hoping that it'll be better than the last.  I think that the main reason why I look forward to the new year is because I look forward to making new memories, meeting new people, learning new things.  As geeky as it sounds, that's what I am - a geek at heart!  I don't love the turning another year old bit, but that's long as I look young, I'm good with it!

So....I've done a couple of reviews on TWO of the THREE beauty boxes available here in Canada, but guess what I just found out???  There's going to be a fourth!!!!  From what I've read, it's going to be GLOSSYBOX.  Yes, this is the same one as the one that is offered in the UK and Ireland.  They haven't launched the site or anything yet...and there isn't actually a lot of information out there, so being the googling person I am, I googled it.  And sure enough, it took me the glossy box UK website.  Then i had a genius moment...hey, why don't I remove the UK part of the address and throw in .ca?  Voila!!!!  Glossy Box Canada!!!!  Since the website isn't functional because they aren't ready launch, they are offering to put you in the VIP line for when news comes out of their launch.  All you have to do is enter your email address.  Apparently, it's launching in the states also.  Click here -> Glossy Box US.  I'm assuming that they are legit...I haven't started receiving any spam mail yet in my inbox!  :P  I'm very excited and can't wait to sign up because from what I read, it seems like Glossy box is one of the "older" of the UK boxes (I think that there's something like 6-7 companies that offer beauty boxes).  One thing that I hope doesn't happen is a charge for shipping and handling, because unless the products never miss the mark, I can't see myself being able to justify the price that I would possibly be paying, seeing how all the other beauty boxes have the shipping and handling built in.  BUT!!!!  I am assuming and digressing. As soon as I hear more information about their launch and the possible brands that they will be carrying, I'll be sure to update you all!

EDIT: Upon further research, Glossy box apparently serves many european countries and not just UK and Ireland.  :)

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