Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Julep's Cinco De Mayo Mystery Box!

Yay!  My mystery box has finally arrived!  It feels like I've been waiting for this forever!  I'm so happy that it came in this tiny box that fit perfectly in my mail box!  

For those that have never heard of Julep Mystery Boxes, these are boxes that Julep offers during special occasions or holidays.  They cost $60, but if you order these boxes soon after they're announced, Julep normally offers a coupon code that brings the price down to $19.99 - which is a fantastic deal because you're guaranteed at least double that amount in product.  This is my second mystery box, the first one being the Spring Box, which I unfortunately, *hangs head in shame*, paid $60.00 for.  

I couldn't wait to see what I had gotten in my box that I literally tore that thing apart, so...sorry, no pretty pictures of the box opening...  :P

This time around, I received four polishes, a crystal nail file, and a mini Glycolic Hand Scrub.  Unfortunately, one of the polishes that I got in this box, I already have, (Jayne@Cosmetic Proof had warned me!) but I think that overall, the box is still pretty good.
Oops!  Hee hee...I guess that I could have removed the "Made In China" sticker!  
I received Alyson, Drew, Emma and Jessica (repeat).  At first, I really frowned when I picked up Alyson and Emma....I kept thinking...what am I?  In high school?  Boring? With all these nude and sparkly colours I've been receiving lately?  These aren't "Jamie" colours!  But after I swatched them, I found that I really liked them!
Drew is a fabulous fushia.  To me, it looks a little more magenta and it definitely doesn't look like the shade that they have on the website.  But I  still LOVE this colour and I cannot wait to try it out.  It'll definitely look pretty awesome on my toes!

Jessica is a soft and sweet creme baby blue.  Since I already have this colour, I'm just going to throw it in with the giveaway.  I hope that you're all okay with that.  ;P

Emma is this gorgeous seashell pink shimmer.  I don't think that I ever would wear this alone because it's kind of not opaque enough for my tastes.

Alyson is this beautiful neutral almond creme shade.  It reminds me of vanilla lattes.  Oh, yummy....
In total, I received about $60 worth in products and I only spent $20!  Not bad!

Would you consider getting a mystery box?

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  1. You got the same "type" of box I did - but totally different colours!

    Haha I like your "what am I, in high school? boring?" - I really like Alyson...I hope that doesn't make me boring :P


  2. No NO, definitely not!!!! I should post pictures of myself. I'm definitely NOT the nude-y kind of gal. I LOVE colour and I love them bright! :)

  3. What cute colors, I lovee "Jessica" perfect light pale blue:)

  4. I love Drew!! So juicy looking! Too bad about the duplicate colours...I've got my fingers crossed right now! I was never allowed to really wear any crazy polishes in high school (oh Asian parents) so now is my time to shine (with glitter!)!!

    1. Yep...Asian parents. LOL! I'm wearing Drew and it's wearing really bright and lasting. Super crazy bright! LOL

  5. ooh you got a different box than I did! and I thought they sent everyone bright colours for cinco de mayo but apparently that isn't the case because you got lots of lovely neutrals! I think we're opposite in polish loves, because I am a neutral gal and I got a lot of bright colours in my mystery box that are a bit much for me. I really want a glass nail file! I've never used one before, only the cheap emory board kinds. I think you got an amazing mystery box! I am jealous.
    I swatched Alyson and it chipped like crazy, btw! Are all Julep polishes prone to chipping within the first 24 hours of wear?

    1. I know! I absolutely loved the colours in your box! We should seriously swap!

      I'm wearing Drew right now and I've been wearing it since Sunday and no chipping (I'm absolutely shocked!). I haven't even refreshed my top coat yet. I wonder if they just have certain shades with weaker formulas?

  6. ohh I have been wanting that Jessica colour :) sooo glad your putting it the giveaway since I have entered it!

    Great Box!