Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Project 10 pan - again?

I know, I know.  It's been tried many, many, many times.  There are probably more failures than successes - for everyone who has tried this seemingly easy challenge.  How this works (for myself, anyways): you must use up (or "hit pan") 10 products before you can purchase anything new!  I'm extending my own challenge to include more than just make up products.  Not because I want to cheat, but because when I buy, I buy everything.  And I mean everything!  I have this need to make sure that I don't have just ONE back up of whatever, I need a back up of a back up x 5!!! It's a very bad, bad, bad habit.  In order to kick it and in a last ditch effort to try and stay organized (we just got customized closets put in - thank you California Closets!), I need to try and change my habits.  Now...I am applying exceptions!  My beauty boxes are excluded, which means that as I get them, they do not count as me "purchasing" the products...at the same time, as I finish my samples, they do not count towards my 10 pan count.  I know that's a little bit of cheating because I am getting new product, but hey, they are small!!!!  Okay, okay, not convincing you am I?  Sigh....I'm trying!

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