Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lise Watier 24 hour Glam Mascara Review

I got this product in my February Luxe Box as part of the Flare special edition box.  I have always been on the hunt for the perfect mascara.  I just have two simple requirements.  One, that they don't smudge or "raccoon" after 10 hours.  Two, that they are easy to remove.  There's nothing more irritating that thinking that you've got it all off, going to bed and waking up the next morning with lovely rings of black around your eyes.  Heck, with my under eye circle problems, I don't need to add to it!  Oh, and heads up, freaky close up eye shots ahead!  

I've been testing out this product all week and so far, here are my impressions....

I liked the brush.  A lot.  It's a rubber applicator with short spiky bristles that are evenly spaces.  The formula of the mascara is a little on the creamy side.  I found that it was a little hard to apply and didn't really spread or build easily.  
This mascara wasn't easily buildable.  It definitely clumps upon the third application.  But you'll need about that many layers in order to even achieve the look that I got. But as you can you see, there isn't much of a difference between the before and after.  This mascara did make a difference on my lower lashes, but then again, so would any mascara.

No Mascara

With Lise Watier 25 Hour Glam Mascara

Staying Power - It was okay.  Some days were better than others, even though I didn't do anything different.  Less applications = less smudging.  BUT less applications = less effect.   Not cool.

Ease of Removal - two words - AW-FUL!!!!!  It was flaky and got all over your face.  Lots of rubbing needed, which is really strange because normally, I'll put my remover on my cotton pad and place it over my eyes for about 10-15 seconds and swipe.  Most mascaras will start coming off and I'll probably need about two - three more swipes to get everything off.  Oh gosh, this mascara needed lots of swipes to get it all off.  I was constantly scared of rubbing my eye area raw.  

Overall, I didn't find this mascara to be anything special.  At $22 a pop, I'll have decline at purchasing the full sized product.


  1. thank you for the review! I usually don't buy expensive mascara anyway, but I just received a Cargo mascara ($35 value) and will be trying it out soon. I like my drugstore brands usually, although I am currently using bareMinerals and benefit bad gal mascaras.

    1. I don't like using expensive mascaras, but they seem to be the only ones really working for me (as silly as it sounds). I've tried many drugstore mascaras and have yet to find the one that works for me. Though, I've been really liking the NYX Doll Eyes ones (I've got my fingers crossed!)

      How are you liking the benefit bad gal mascara?

  2. Good to know, I haven't tried this mascara yet, but I'll see if I get the same results!

  3. You should do a post about Latisse!