Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Glymm Box!

I have some really mixed feelings about this month's box.  I don't know what it is in particular, but perhaps I'll figure it out as I blog!

There were 5 items in this month's box, but I think that one of them were supposed to be a "bonus" item.  Two of those items were full sized items!

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Hydrafull Gloss - $27.00 for 2.2ml.
Sample Size 1.0ml (value $12.27).  The shade I received was Sorbet, which is a beautiful bright sheer pastel pink with a little bit of shimmer.  This gloss has a rich and fortifying formula that nourishes your lips with the added benefits of jojoba oil, shea butter and Anastasia's exclusive Balkan Botanical Infusion. It's a fairly small sample, perfect for your purse!  I actually quite like the colour and could see myself actually using this lipgloss (once in a while - baby steps...)

M.Asam - Magic Fini - 30ml for $38.00
Sample - 5ml (value $6.33). To be honest, I've never heard of this brand before in my life, so I googled it.  This is a European line of skincare and cosmetics that seems to be mainly sold on HSN. The formula is supposed to blend beautifully into your skin to conceal uneven skin tone for a light, matte, natural looking finish.  It's supposed to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles, enlarged pores and imperfections to reveal a sun kissed, healthy looking skin tone.  It seems to only come in one shade, which seems a little strange.  I would have swatched it, but it just disappeared into my skin without filling in the fine lines, so I'm not too sure how well this product will work.  Nor am I sure that I want to put more product on my face.  It does have a great smell to it.  It's a fresh smell - kind of like a fresh seaweed clay mask.  Actually, I think that this might be something akin to a BB cream (OH NO!!!!)

Ocean Nail Polish - 15 ml ($12.00)
Sample - Full Size ($12.00).  Shade - Russian Red. I hadn't heard of this brand either, but apparently, they are a Canadian Nail Polish brand that is used in upscale salons.  Now, I don't know what qualifies as an upscale salon, but I've been to some pretty expensive salons and I've never seen this product there. It's a bright red shade with silver shimmer.  The bottle and packaging reminds me very much of Essie.  I also find that there was less of smell.  Bonus points!

NU.ME - Feather Hair Extensions - 3 "wefts" for $25.00
Sample - 3 "wefts" (or strands) ($25.00).  This is the one product that really boggles my mind.  I was just a little taken off guard as to why this would have been included at all.  I mean, feather hair extensions are so individual preference.  It's purple and black (so it's much more subtle than what other people have received).  They are synthetically crafted from real human hair.  I'm all for extensions but currently, my hair is so long that i don't need them anymore and I work in an office environment, which these might be a little inappropriate for.  Just weird. 

The bonus item this month was another vial of the Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance.  I was a little disappointed because I had received this in my December box (I think).  Even though I really liked it and was an amazing product (I really saw results), I had to throw it out before I finished it because it made me break out really badly.

Total value of this month's box - $55.60 (WOW!!!)
Rating for this month's box - 3 out of 5.

Though I'm really impressed that I got two full sized items, one of them wasn't really for me (the feather extensions), so, to me, it's like receiving only one full sized item.   Also we still haven't started receiving a substitute for the jelly bellies.  I know that it's not the end all and be all, but the little cute jar and the jelly bellies were a factor in me signing up for the box because I thought that it was such great and cute idea.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. This actually looks like a pretty good Glymm box to me! I am anxiously awaiting the glossybox this month and if it sucks I want to switch to Glymm unless they're sold out, as Luxe box is now sold out (even though I wouldn't sign up for it anyway bc of their terrible customer service etc).

    1. I'm anxiously waiting for Glossybox too....especially after that little sneak peek that they had on Facebook!!!