Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sephora Haul

I love mini nail polishes.  I find that it's just the best bang for your buck and you just never use up a whole big bottle of nail polish.  Or at least, I don't.  Anyways, the other day, I had received an email saying that the Bohemian Brights collection for Sephora by OPI and I knew that the Betsey Johnson collection was going to be hitting the shelves sometime in March also.  Since I was there checking out The Bay's huge clearance sale (hello!  Jessica Simpson dress for $7?  You just can't go wrong!), I thought that I'd swing by and see if the collections were there and if I could pick up my birthday gift a little early (you can't, btw).  Oh, I picked up a few things alright.  If I had more time, I'm sure that I would have done more damage.  

Top Row, Left to right: Tarte Blush and Bronze on the Go, 500 point perk bareMinerals Ticket to Gorgeous, Eyeko Long and Tall Mascara, Betsey Johnson mini polishes.
Bottom Row, Left to Right: Perfect Pair Mini polishes and Bohemian Brights mini polishes.

tarte's blush and bronze on the go is a two pack of their amazonian clay blush in doll face and their mineral bronzer in park avenue princess.  They are both fairly light on me.  I'm fairly tanned this winter time, so they don't as bright as they normally would be.

I have not redeemed my points in forever, so I thought that I'd pick this one up, seeing how it didn't look too bad.  Though, in retrospect, I should have saved my points for when I'm in the states because for whatever reason, they have better perk rewards.  This is a 4 piece collection plus bag.  It came with a Mineral Veil, Prime Time Brightning eye lid primer, Flawless Definition mascara and Natural Lipgloss in Birthday Cake.  The lipgloss is quite thick and smells.  It reminds me of playdoh, so it's not the most unpleasant scent, but it could definitely be better.  When I saw the colour, I was like, omg, I'm trouble....but once I swatched it, it turned out to be okay because it wasn't opaque. It was more translucent. If you look closely, you'll see that there is a blue shimmer undertone - very pretty!

I picked up the Eyeko mascara because everyone seems to be talking about them and it wasn't too expensive, so I thought that I'd pick it up and give it a try.  It's a neat concept.  It came with a guitar pick that they call an eye shield.  This mascara is supposed to instantly enhance your lashes.  I'll be doing a review on this. Watch for it!

Finally!  The nail polishes!  I must say that I'm more partial to the Bohemian Brights over the Betsey Johnson collection.  I like Betsey Johnson (though I don't own any of her stuff) and the bright outrageous colour combinations that she uses and inspires, but I almost feel that this collection is a little bit of a let down.  I expected bright pastels or even fluorescence shades, but I think that the brightest shade there was, was the yellow and even then, it was a little muted because there's a little bit of shimmer to it.  The red even reminds of OPIs "Sample Sale".  When I put it on my colour wheel, they were almost identical!  I like the concept of the perfect pairs.  They are supposed to be the "perfect" colour combinations for certain types of manis and pedis.  For example, the one I purchased is a coral and golden shimmer duo.  The colours compliment each other. There were three available for purchase, but I had the other colours.  I do feel that they are a little on the expensive side - especially for the minis.

Betsey Johnson Collection for Sephora by OPI, left to right: XOX Betsey (light mauve with a hint of taupe), Alley Cat (bright magenta purple), Too Too Turq (dark aqua blue), Yellow My Name is Betsey (bright yellow), Son of a Gun (dark shimmery blue with silver flecks), Pushing Your Luck (bright red).
Bohemian Brights Collection for Sephora by OPI, left to right: Let's Hear it For the Free Spirit! (gold shimmery orange), What Aura Gonna Wear? (Bright Magenta pink), It's Totally Karma (medium lime green), Neutral Beauty (taupe with a touch of grey), That's What Fringe is For (pastel orange with shimmer), Happy Earth Day to Me (dark moss green with an undertone of brown).
Perfect Pair Coral and Golden Shimmer duo: I'm Wired (a pink coral) and Wild About Shimmer (very translucent gold shimmer in a clear white base)
I'm pretty excited for all the new colours that I get to try out, but I'm most excited about the eyeko mascara.  I hope that it's manages to stand up to all the hype!