Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Mini Haul!

I know that most of the sales are over by now, but heck, when I see a really good sale, I need to stop in!  You don't have a soul if you don't stop for sales!  This is a collective haul of things that I've purchased/ordered online over the past week or so.  I hope that you enjoy!

First stop was back at the Body Shop.  I was there the previous weekend where I picked up the rest of their tea tree oil line (for acne prone skin). On my receipt, there was a little coupon for spend $40 and save $15, which was stackable with their buy 3, get 2 free and also with their membership card (save 10%).  I went home and found my receipt from my previous mini haul and I had a coupon on there too!  As I walked in, I spotted another great deal - all of their body butters were on sale for $10 (all except their largest size).  I LOVE their body butters.  They are pretty much the only moisturizer that works on my skin.  Then I went around picking up stuff from their Seaweed line (which I believe is for sensitive skin?).  I picked up the pore perfecter, day cream, clay mask and toner.  I picked up the exfoliator from the tea tree oil line because I didn't pick it up last time.  Since I had the discount card, I actually had to spent $44 in order to be able to use the coupon, so I picked up the Lychee perfume.  I really like it.  It's nice and light.  Fruity with a cherry blossom undertone.  I totally made out like a bandit there.  One thing that was funny though and what I thought was a little strange was that the woman checking out before me probably purchased about $15 worth of stuff and got something like a dozen samples.  I purchased like $60 (this is after all discounts) worth of stuff and I got two.  One of them being the super stinky and gross chocomania lotion.  I apologize if you like it, but this is just not a smell that is for me.  I know that I should be grateful that they even gave me samples, but it makes me a little undervalued as a customer when I see that kind of uneven treatment.

Second and Third stop - Walmart and Shopper's Drug Mart.  Actually, I made like two or three stops there.  I have one that is super close to my work and then one that is super close to my home.  LOL.  Here's a funny story.  I have a MAC blotting powder at work that I use in conjunction with my blotting papers.  I had dropped about 6 inches and one part of it cracked (like a teeny, tiny "corner").  I didn't think anything of it.  Then, they other day when i went to use it, it was really crumbling.  So I turned it upside down over my garbage and tapped.  The whole pan dropped into my garbage.  *sigh* good thing to take out of this story is that I maintain that it counts as hitting pan!!!!  Anyways, I didn't want to go out and buy another one, lest this happens again, so my girlfriend recommended that I try the Physician's Formula powder.  It just so happened that Walmart had this two-pack deal going on.  You purchase the powder and you get the blush for free.  I purchased that and the light bronzer.  The blushes are different in each pack.  It truly was a good deal because the two pack was approximately $19.00, but if you were to buy the items individually, it's $20 each.  I also wanted to try the Mineral wear airbrush powder, so I picked one up.  And the rest is self explanatory.

Fourth - Nailpolishcanada.  This is an online store that is based out of Richmond, BC.  The shipping was super fast and it's free shipping over orders of $29 or more.  I ordered an Orly Love Mini Kit (pinks and red), an Orly mini glitter polish, Essie Luxeffects glitter, Essie Matte top coat, and receive two free Deborah Lippman nail care samples.  I have a lot of pinks and reds, so I don't know why I decided to pick up the Orly Love Mini Kit, but it was my intent to pick up the Essie Matte top coat.  I had seen this black matte base with shiny black tips manicure on a blog and decided that this was what I was going to try.  Man, it was hard!!!!  The matte top coat is weird.  I think that it thins out the polish or something like that.


  1. WOW! So much good stuff! This was total product porn for me! I agree with you on the Chocomania scent...I was excited about it and then when I went to smell it, I realized that I couldn't live with myself if I smelled like chocolate gone wrong...I picked up the lip balm though since it seem to smell better than the rest of the collection. I really like the Physician's Formula blush. It doesn't necessarily make me feel happier, but it's a nice colour.

    1. Ooohhhhh...I didn't think that check out the chocomania lip balm - I might have to go back! I love the scent of the Physician's Formula blue - I can't quite put my finger what scent it reminds me of. Clinique's Happy is what pops into mind, but I'm not sure. I hope that the blush works out for me because I just remembered that my skin has a tough time dealing with scented make up. :(