Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Correctors

FACTS: 25g for $31.00.  I purchased mine from London Drugs.  This is a beige corrector.  There are three types, their regular award winning Portfolio Professional Corrector, this new Beige one, and one for Dark Skin - with the latter two being fairly new.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many products that I purchased without looking up any reviews or doing any research.  It's an okay product.  It's got a great variety of shades, but I don't think that this palette is really meant for my skin tone.  The only colour I mainly used was the Beige Rose corrector (top triangle).  Apparently rose/pink is supposed to be the colour I should be using underneath my eyes to hide those nasty dark circles.  

It's a cream based concealer that applies very well.  I used my fingers to apply this product and it worked great.  It nicely filled in the lines underneath the eye and it illuminated the area slightly.  I did have to apply a few layers of this product to get the desired effect and coverage.  I also used a concealer brush to apply this product and I didn't really find a difference between the two.  Well, no, I guess that's a lie.  I was able to get right up to the lash line with a brush.  But even after a few layers, it didn't get cakey or clumpy - even after I added the concealer and setting powder.  It's quite lightweight for such a thick cream product.

I found that this product was a little pricey for what I was able to use it for (the one colour).  I did like it.  It was very light, I didn't feel it.  I still had to put regular concealer on top of it and set it.  It lasted all day and didn't move.  It also didn't pull my mascara down.  

Overall, I do like the product but I probably won't purchase this product again, just because there was only one colour out of the five that I was able to use.  If they sold the Beige Rose on it's own, I'm there!

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