Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hi Everyone!

I joined...the evil Facebook!  Funny story is..not really knowing how it all worked, I joined up using my real name instead of say, First name: Beauty and the  Last Name: Gamer - which I would have been much more comfortable with, but what's done is done.  So...if you want to add me to your fb or you want me to add you to mine, let me know!  I've always been of the mind of if there were people that I wanted to keep in touch with, I would have, and if there were people that i needed to message, that was texting is for...or calling.  And since I'm old fashioned, and if there's a party, I expect at least an email, not group invite via fb.  But...I am on it and I think that i'm beginning to get addicted.  I'm trying my hardest NOT to sign up for apps like Farmville and the like.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to quit my day job.  To be honest, I actually joined up so I could provide feedback and keep track of my glossy box, in particular. 

Speaking of Glossybox.  I think that everyone and their dogs have received their Glossybox.  They are looking a little like how Luxebox first started out.  People around their closest distribution areas (Toronto) got their boxes first and everyone else particular those that live on either ends of the country.  So I'm not quite happy about that.  In addition, from what I read on Glossybox's wall, they are justifying the difference between the press boxes and the "regular" boxes as not wanting to spoil the surprise for everyone....Well, the inequality between the two boxes is quite something and I'm sorry, but that reasoning isn't cool.  I mean, if they wanted to make them different, then they should have both been equally as good.  If the press boxes had two full sized samples, then the boxes that everyone else gets should have two full sized samples.  I guess I'm just confused how their marketing department could have overlooked something like that, or even thought that there wouldn't be any kind of backlash?  Not a great start.  Oh well...I'm going to try and be patient and reserve my judgement because who knows, maybe my box will be awesome - or not.

I'm also on twitter, but I'm not good at understanding how it all works, but you can follow me at jjquan79.  I've only ever tweeted twice - by accident!  LOL!  But I intend on trying to tweet more.

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and relaxing!

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