Monday, February 20, 2012

February Luxe Box

This month's box was red HOT!  Luxe Box and Flare magazine teamed up to put together this month's box and let me tell you, it was FULL of goodies.  So full in fact, I had a hard time trying to open the box up.  Think of a little kid trying to get at a toy that is in a box but doesn't have the dexterity to open it.  Yeah, that was me.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner - Full Size Shampoo 300ml ($15), Conditioner ($17).
I received three of each.  They were the size of the same packets that you would get in a magazine...which is a little ironic....  I don't have colour treated hair and I know that I didn't choose that in my beauty profile.  I think that I actually purposely did not pick things related to hair care.  

Moroccanoil Treatment - Full Size 100ml ($40).
Sample Size - 25ml ($10).  I must admit, I have never tried Moroccanoil before.  This treatment can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool.  You apply a small amount to clean towel-dried hair and style as normal.  Why do companies always assume that people take showers in morning?  Essentially, this sounds like a leave-in conditioner...only better?

Mereadesso - Beautiful Body Balm - Full Size 200ml ($54).
Sample Size - 30ml ($8.10).  WOW!  This is a pricey product.  Honestly, I have never heard of this company before, so I don't know how good this product is.  It seems like mint with oat undertones.  Okay, so maybe I'm not the best at describing this, but it's a unique smell which isn't all too bad.  It applies and spreads easily, even after 5 minutes, it's still a little greasy and sitting on my skin.  After Edit: it took about 15 minutes for the product to be fully absorbed into my skin, which could have been due to many factors.

Mereadesso - Face + Neck Toning Gel - No pricing (perhaps this is a little bonus?)
It's a fair sized sample.  7ml.  I didn't open this because it didn't come in resealable packaging.  I'm not too sure what benefits this gel is supposed to provide or what age group it's aiming for, but I shall try it nonetheless!

Lise Watier - 24 Hours Glam Mascara - Full Size 8ml ($22).

Total Value of Box - $38 (I did a little bit of estimating and rounding to count for the two products that I didn't have sample size values for)

Overall, I'm once again on the fence about this box.  The mascara has got me all hot and bothered, but everything else....I mean, I gave away the shampoo and conditioner to my mom.  It seems like I'm giving away stuff every box.  *SIGH*  To add insult to injury, they got my name wrong!!!  Not like totally wrong, but spelled wrong.  They got it right last month - I think....

Mark: 3/5.


  1. thanks for the review! I am glad I did not sign up for this box, although I am considering glymm if glossybox keeps disappointing!

    1. Yeah, I think that if this box doesn't get better for me, then it's going to be dropped. I almost wonder if I have impossibly high expectations? :P

  2. Thanks for posting up your review :) Nicely done! Everything was the same for me, except the mascara. I got a light pink china glaze nail polish instead. I think this month's luxe box is just meh...overall I give it 3 out 5...can't wait for Glymm...I hope its better :D

    1. Haven't EVEN gotten my Glymm tracking. Emailed them to see what's up. I've always liked Glymm more than we'll see!