Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Glossy Box

I really don't know how the people who manage Glossy Box's Facebook manage to stay so calm, collected and patient!  At the beginning of the month, they had posted (and sent an email out) saying that the boxes were going to come out late this month.  Then later on, some of their product got tied up at customs (I can totally sympathize).  They had to answer the same question over and over again - when is the box coming?  Any updates?  I didn't get a tracking number!  I must admit, I was one of the people that asked the latter question, but hey!  I did it nicely.  :)  Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones who managed to receive their box in March, but I'm just happy that I got it.  Oh yeah, I also got 250 additional GlossyDots for the trouble (YAY!).
This is my second Glossy Box, with the first one being somewhat of a disappointment.  Second time around, the box was SO FULL of goodies!

AVEENO - Daily Moisturizing Lotion - 354 ml/$11.99
Sample Size: 71ml/$2.40.  I personally do not like Aveeno products.  They don't seem to moisturize my skin the way that like. This is a fairly large travel size, which is great because I hate having to pack two or three tiny bottles of lotion with me.

BAILEY COSMETICS - Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry - 8g/$28.00
Sample Size: 8g/$28.00. Sigh.  More lip gloss.  I almost wish that I didn't swatch this so I could have at least swapped this with someone.  Now I'm stuck with another lip gloss that I'll probably never use.  The colour is too dark for me, even though it's quite sheer.  I've never heard of this brand before, but it looks like the Shopping Network and ebeauty carries this brand.  I saw that some other people got a Kabuki brush, which I think that I would have preferred over the lip gloss.

PANDORA - Blush in St. Tropez - $18
Sample Size: full size/$18.  This is a very sheer and light pink shade of blush.  It's way too pink and light for me.  It's more of a doll-face type of pink.  I guess with my latest obsession with the whole doll-eye effect, this would be perfect!

SEBASTIAN - Re-Shaper Hairspray - 43g/$19.95
Sample Size: 43g/$19.95.  Okay, when I went to see how big my sample size was, I nearly dropped this product because I was so shocked to see that I had actually received a full sized item.  WHAT?  It's tiny!  It fits in the palm of my hand!  SHOCKED I tell ya!  This is a strong hold hairspray that is flexible enough to allow you to change hairstyles but strong enough to keep your current shape.  I'm not really a big fan of hairspray and actually hardly use hair products because they just tend to make my hair heavier, which I really don't need because my hair is already quite long and very thick.

EVIAN - Brumisateur Facial Spray - 50ml/$7.00
Sample Size : 50ml/$7.00.  Evian's facial spray rehydrates dull, tired skin and is great for seeing and renewing your make up throughout the day, keeping you looking fresh, healthy and beautiful.  Hmmm.....I actually used this is remove the blush swatch that I had made earlier.  I don't know if I'd really use this as a setting spray because it's quite...watery?  It's like spritizing water onto your face (like Lush's  Breath of Fresh Air).  Too much liquid heading to my face and make up!  It did leave my skin feeling very soft, that's for sure, so maybe I'll use this as a toner.

ALGEMARIN - Foam Bath (little something extra)
This foam bath is made from extracts of seaweed, algae, and mineral salts which give the body a tonal quality that previously was only obtainable from hydrotherapy or sea bathing.  I used to take baths, but I don't anymore...so I'm not sure I'm actually going to be using this sample.  

In addition to the foam bath, I received a 40% coupon code off Pandora products.

Overall, I liked this box because there were SO many full sized items.  Downside to this box was that there were probably only two or three items that I'll probably end up using and the rest I'll most likely give away.

Beauty Box Rating: 3.8 out of 5.
Total Value of Beauty Box: $75.35 (uh...wow!)


  1. Just an FYI- the hairspray is NOT full sized. Glossybox made a typo. The full-sized version is 300g and retails for 19.95. Glossybox (to my knowledge) has not publicly addressed their mistake, but lots of girls on the facebook page have been talking about it. It's a sample size and it smells great!

  2. Would you recommend signing up for Glossy Box? I've seen so many beauty bloggers post about it, but it seems like they've recently been disappointed in the boxes they're receiving. I'm trying to decide which beauty box I want to subscribe to.
    Great blog! Keep up the posting (:

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      Honestly? If this box doesn't start sending some better products, it'll be one of the ones that I'm going to drop. It's more money than the other Canadian boxes and the products included are ones that you could easily get from your local grocery store (like Superstore and etc).

      Hope that this helps!