Tuesday, April 10, 2012


For years and years and years I've heard about all these great Asian products and never been able to try any until now! Then I found out that yesstyle opened up a Canadian website!  Oh, be still my beating heart.  There were some brands that I definitely knew that I wanted to try right away, but I needed pace myself.  And I think that I did?

Kiss Me Mascara was definitely on top of my list.  Same with Missha, SK-II, Skinfood, Canmake and a few other ones.  I selected a few to begin with - Kiss Me, Missha, Canmake and Pixie.  No skin care stuff...that will be for the next time I place an order.  

Yesstyle and sasa are unique in the way that it allows Canadians access to overseas skin care and make up products that are geared towards asian skin types.  I didn't find that things were particularly more expensive because they are considered "imports".  One word of caution though, is that you may be charged for customs and duties.  I was lucky and I wasn't this time, but my package was opened by customs.

First off, the ordering process was easy.  The prices are a little higher than sasa.com but their free shipping minimums (for both regular and express shipping) are lower than sara.com. As you purchase items, you earn "style bucks".  And there are three levels of membership.  The more style bucks, the higher the level of membership.  It looks like ti works the same way as Sephora's VIB, but I think that you get a discount.  But it seems like that you need ALOT of points before you get the lowest discount.  

I noticed that yesstyle doesn't have as many beauty brands as sasa, but yesstyle carries a lot more in the way of variety (clothing, accessories, shoes and etc.  If you follow me on pinterest, you'll notice that i've pinned quite a few items from there!).  Now on to the goodies!

Lashes are my secret (or not so secret) obsession.  I probably own a billion pairs.  I just keep buying and buying them.  I do wear them, but when the lashes last for at least 6 wears, I don't go through them all that quickly.  I wish that I could wear them more often, but I just found that these lashes were just so cute.  Two of the lashes (on the left) are from the brand Kiss me (Heroine Make line) and the other one is Missha (better known for their BB creams).  Both are what are called "doll eye" lashes.  One thing that kind of surprised me is that these lashes weren't shorter in length.  Normally asians have shorter eyes, so I was surprised that they didn't come shorter but are the same length as say, MAC lashes were.  I usually cut a regular length lash in the middle and use it as a full lash.  Or at least a 3/4 length lash.  These lashes ranged anywhere between $8-$12, which the average price of Revlon and/or Ardell lashes.

 Next up are new mascaras and liners!  All of the are from Kiss Me.  Three of them are from their Heroine Make line and other one (black tube) is their Heavy Rotation (not sure if that's the name of the line).  All of them are Long, Volume and Curl mascaras.  Apparently, these mascaras are so unbudgable that you need a special remover for them (on order). The two items on the ends are liners.  I figure, these are fairly cheap liners, so why not!  One is a felt tip pen liner and the other one is a felt tip pot liner. 
The next item I purchased was a blush (I seem to be addicted to buying blushes lately) by Pixi - which I just realized that you can purchase some Pixi items from Winners when they have it in.  Otherwise, I don't know where to find them.  There are two shades in the compact, pink and a highlighter pink.  They are both fairly light.  I didn't swatch them because I'll be doing a review on this blush. I thought that this was a pretty cute compact with the mirror and the brocade outline and then the little compartment on the bottom holding a fairly wide brush.  This reminds me of the 10 bronzer and highlighting duo by Benefit, which I love.

I saw this really pretty palette by Missha and knew that I had to have it!  There were about three other shade combinations for the perfect type of eye.  I wish that I had purchased the smokey eye palette also.  I know that the writing is in Chinese, but it also came with a little english insert telling you where to apply which colour where for a particular look.  And they were really inexpensive!  

As a last minute addition to my basket, I picked up this Canmake eye shadow palette.  I was in a springy kind of mood and these are VERY springy colours!  They have a slight silvery shimmer to the shades.  I've never tried Canmake make up before, I can't say if these will be long lasting or even have good colour, but they were so cheap, I think, even if it doesn't work out with me I would be okay with tossing them.
Hope you enjoyed this haul.  I've also ordered from sasa, so stay tuned for that one!


  1. do you wear fake eyelashes on a daily basis? I have never worn them and I wonder- do they look fake? or are they supposed to look fake? hah.
    I nominated you on my blog for an award ! just so you know.

    1. I wish that I had the time to wear fake lashes every day. *sigh* I'm so not a morning person.... But generally, I think that they look pretty natural. Now....if I bust out my hello kitty lashes (yes, there are hello kitty ones!!!), they might not look as natural. :P

      Thanks for the nomination btw! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hope that the mascara works out...otherwise...I'm stuck with five billion bottles! LOL!