Saturday, January 28, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

With the past disappointment with the Lip Butters, I was really hesitant to try these babies out.  Then my girlfriend told me how CHEAP they were, so I didn't feel so bad.  Plus, I was able to swatch some of the colours and get a feel for the texture of the product before actually purchasing.  

First off, I noticed how well they glided on.  They were pretty sheer colours, definitely buildable.  (Apparently, buildable is NOT a real word, I see the spellchecker red lines and auto correct keeps going off).  

Secondly, they smelled absolutely DELISH!  I couldn't stop smelling them, and definitely felt some guilt and regret when I had to wipe off the swatches.  I was wearing white.  Something was bound to happen with those swatches being on my hands - like me forgetting that I couldn't just wipe my hands on my shirt or pants like when I was (2)5.  Being the obsessive, compulsive and impatient person I am  (btw, my stuff still HAS NOT shipped), right after work, I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked me up some Baby Lips.  It says that it's an 8hr moisture stick that after 4 weeks of use, your lips will appear to be 82% visibly less dry, 94% less rough, 77% more supple, and 77% better looking.  It's supposed  to moisturize and revitalize lips for 8hrs.  It's also supposed to have SPF in it.  Personally, I think that it's like SPF 1.  Apparently, according to the write up on the back, you need to reapply frequently for SPF protection - I wonder if Maybelline knows that all because I've layered it on 8 times that it's doesn't make it SPF 8.  But seriously, I don't think that there's a ton of SPF because SPF has that odd smell and feel to it.  It's not pleasant but I don't notice that at all with these, no matter how strong of a fragrance there is.  It's like trying to hide the fact that you took a poop in someone else's bathroom by lighting a match - we all know that you did what you did. >.>  

Third, they were CHEAP!!!!  Less guilt.  $3.98 at walmart - didn't shop around, but I'm assuming that this the standard price.  I tried to find these at a Superstore, but we didn't go to my normal Superstore, so the one that we were at didn't have them.  Not even an empty shelf.  I'll check at my Superstore and see how much they are there.  Though, upon doing a web search, if you live in the States, or plan on going there, it's $2.99 at Target.  Damn you, U.S of A!!!!!

I picked up 4 flavours (I believe that there's 6 in total.) :
  1. Quenched - Blue Container with Pink writing.  It's a clear colour and feels just like lip balm.  Reminds me a little bit like soft lips.  It's got this fantastic pepperminty-fruity smell.  
  2. Cherry Me - Orange container with Red writing.  It's very cherry candy smelling.  I love it!!!  It's a red colour, but quite light.  A perfect starting shade for those wanting to start wearing red, but doesn't quite have the courage (or not sure of your skin tones) to go RED.
  3. Pink Punch - Pink container with yellow writing.  It's wow!  That's all I have to say.  I was really worried about this pink being just too much for me.  It's still a little too bright for my taste and I'm guessing that I'd have to be in a really playful mood before I'd bust this out. It's smells like fruit punch.  Der.  I would say, this one is definitely more colour and definitely more pigmented than the rest.  I probably wouldn't want to build this one too much, or else you'll like cotton candy lips.
  4. Peach Kiss - Purple container with orangey writing.  Apparently, orangey is REAL word.  Go figure.  Smells like..dun dun dun...peaches.  It's a very beautiful nude colour.  Nude colours are very hard for me to nail because of my skin tone, but this one hit it right on the head!  It's shimmery, light and more warm based in colour than most nudes, which to me are either too shimmery (apparently, this is a real word too) or too brown or frost based.  Not cool.  This one is like a touch of colour and probably one of my favs.  Probably don't want to build this one up too much as it'll just look thick and wet-cakey - like you've put on too much lipstick.

There are two others that I haven't been able to get my hands on, but if I do, I'll insert EDIT HERE.  -->  Nope, can't seem to locate the purple one.  :(

Overall, they all glided on quite nicely.  Staying power has something let to be desired.  I don't think that it lasted even 2 hours before I had to reapply.  Then again, I talk a lot and I drink a lot of tea and water.  So I'm assuming that they mean that it'll last for 8 hours if you don't eat, talk or drink.  No, wait, correction - the colour stayed but the balm didn't - remember, I'm the freak who likes greasy lips.  Anyways, onwards!  The colour was fantastic.  They weren't so sheer that you need to pile on the product to get ANY colour, but it was just right, that if you wanted a brighter or strong colour, one or two more coats would be good.  It did feel like lipstick, and I found that it had a tendency to move.  So I was wiping the edges of my mouth a bit because it just felt like it had moved off my lips and on to my face.  Overall, I rate this product higher than the Revlon Lip Butters and will most likely continue using these as they seem to be the best of both worlds between lipcolor and balm.  3.5 out of 5.  Would I repurchase?  Probably not.  Would I recommend, yeah, they are a pretty good product.

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