Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hi Everyone,

A while back, I mentioned how Glossybox was starting up in Canada, well, it's here!  I was very excited about it and I signed up for it right away.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until February to receive my first box.  *sad face*.  It is a little more expensive than the other three (LuxeBox from LooseButton, Glymm Box and TopBox).  Please see below for more information:

*Originated from the UK and now available to Canadians!
* Monthly Subscription, auto renews.  $15 per month (includes shipping and handling and taxes).  Ships in the first half of the month.
* Receive 5 Luxury samples based on your beauty profile.  It says on the website that it'll throw in a little something-something once in a while.
*Earn GlossyDots for reviewing products in your box and for referring friends.  Every 1000 Glossydots you redeem your points to receive a free box.

I know, I know, it must seem a little overwhelming to have so many options!  But that's the beauty of democracy?  Even as I typed it, i knew that i sounded silly.  Oh well.

I'll of course post my GlossyBox when I receive it.  I love sharing!

Unfortunately, the website, www.glossybox.ca doesn't have a heck of a lot of information, being that it's still a baby website, but I definitely recommend checking out the FAQs (I'm always the skeptic!).  I was a little disappointed that there isn't an online store like Glymm, but heck, like I need more places to buy from.  Also, there was a brand list either, like it said in the FAQs.  RAWR.  I am going into this a little blind because I've heard mixed reviews about this box, but this is Canada and everything is better (albeit a little colder..hello -40!).  :)  So I'm hoping that everything will work out.  If not, I can cancel 14 days prior to the next box.  But like I'm going to scream and shout if I have to receive one.more.box.

Okay, it's getting late and I have to work tomorrow, but first, I gotta work my way through my Glymm box!  (LuxeBox is a little late this month - supplier issues and trying to reduce their packaging and shipping time because of complaints that reviews and such are going up before the majority of people have even received their boxes!)  Review will be going up.  If not tonight, tomorrow then!

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