Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glymm Order

Hi Guys!

Last month, Glymm sent out, as part of their beauty box, a $10 voucher thing.  Sweet!  Free money!  Hey, don't judge.  Anyways, I went on the website and I actually agonized for days on what to get.  Seriously, I did.  Being the type of shopper I am, I usually just purchase what catches my fancy and just be done with it.  Guilt is just a feeling that can be overcome.  But literally, for about a week, I was on that website at work, at home, at night...looking over and over again at what to purchase.  At first, I was thinking, damn, I'm getting momma some Butter London polishes...then it was like...damn...they are really expensive.  Then I went by category...then I went by brand (yes, I know that it's almost the same thing, but like I said earlier, don't judge!).  I tried to think, well, what do I need the most?  Cleanser?  yes, I go through that stuff like ice cream...I mean....  Then it was, I should do more masks....and I really LOVE buying small sized ended up with : John Masters Organics - Rose Foaming Face Wash, Ahava - Time To Clear Purifying Mud Mask and Pangea Organics - Skincare Discovery Kit.  I didn't realize that I had purchase all organic products.  I LOVE organic anything organic.  I LOVE bamboo clothing.  As expensive as it is, it's 100% worth it.  I'll be doing reviews on these products as I use them, so keep an eye out for them!  But for now, I'll post descriptions and pictures to tie you over until then!  If you want to check out the website, feel free to stop by Glymm.

John Masters Organics - Rose Foaming Face Wash
It contains steam-distilled essential rose oil with the mildest cleanser.  It supposed to rejuvenate the skin with a tantalizing and fresh aroma.  Plaintain (isn't this a kind of banana??) and linden extracts are supposed to help tone and soothe the skin.  I bought Normal to dry skin, though in retrospect, I should have probably picked up the normal to oily one.  Oops!  

AHAVA - Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask
HA!  I kind of laughed when I'm reading the description of the product...Here is it... "powered by Osmoter", which is Ahava's exclusive blend of minerals and sourced from the Dead Sea waters.  It is a unique blend of natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea.  This gentle facial mask deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.  It drains the impurities from within, leaving the skin clarified and exceptionally smooth.  It's approved to sensitive skin, SLS/SLES and Paraben free.

Pangea Organics - Skin Discovery Kit
Antioxidant-rich formulas, anti-aging results.  It also came with a bonus eye cream sample.  These are decent travel sizes, approximately 30mls per product.  It came with 5 different products.  From L to R: Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Facial Cream, Facial Mask and Facial Toner.  It also came with a little baby pump for the facial toner.  Once again, these are organic and all of these products are supposed to contain 30% more antioxidants.  

I plan on starting to use at least the mud mask really soon and hopefully get a review of that up in a couple of weeks!


  1. Ooh, that Pangea Organics Kit looks awesome! Might have to give that a try!

    1. Though I haven't tried it yet, it was a really good deal for all the things (and sizes) that you get to try out!