Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luxe Box Reservations Review.

For those that subscribe to Luxe Box, Loose Button allows you to, on a first come, first chance basis to reserve particular items for your luxe box the following month.  Usually, these emails will come out about one to two weeks prior to shipment.  I'm guessing that they are sent out at night time because by the next morning, I'll see it there, teasing me to dare and try and pick between some really great choices sometimes!  Last month's (December) box, you got to choose between a DDF and Keratase product.  This month, you had a choice between 4 products.  Anyways, I usually get to work approximately 7 am in the morning and the first thing I do is check my email, and I saw it pop into my inbox.  I immediately clicked on the link and found that I couldn't reserve anything and that the reservation limit has been hit.  *Audience AWWWWWW!!!!*.  I'm thinking to myself, you gotta be kidding me!  How many were the available in the first place?  10????  Very disappointed.  It's like giving a man a huge steak only for him to find out that it's made out of tofu (tried it and I think that my husband nearly divorced me!).  I realize that it's first come first served, but I'm NOT on the west coast, so my 7 am is a fairly decent time....and I know that the night before, I went to bed late and I checked my inbox before I went to bed.  NO EXCUSE LOOSEBUTTON!  Actually, I shouldn't be too hard on them.  I think that it's awesome that they even offer this opportunity and maybe, just maybe, because I missed out (again), my January box will be awesome.  *fingers crossed*

Have a good night.  I'm in a very ranty mood.  It's been snowing and like -40 right now.  

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