Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Many Colors!

I LOVE and I mean LOVE nail polishes.  OPI, Chanel, Sally Hansen, Avon, Calvin Klein, MAC, you name it, I gotta have it!  I used to purchase the full sized bottles and then discovered the awesome Sephora OPI minis.  OMG!  It's like getting more bang for your buck.  And you don't have to worry about the big bottle of nail polish separating or drying up.  The only problem with the minis is that they aren't labelled with anything more than the colour code (I don't know what the true term is, either way, it doesn't name the colour).  After a while, I couldn't tell one pink from another and some colours are definitely misleading when sitting there in the bottle, calling my name and asking me to use them!!!  At first, I swatched the colours into a book - no discernible order (big mistake!!!) and then I finally found nail colour wheels!  I purchased mine from Sally's Beauty Supply.  Actually, I first saw the colour wheels in their flyer it was about $4 for one wheel.  I was thinking to myself, dang!  I'm going to have to spend $40 to do this project! Lo and behold, when I got to Sally's it was $8 for 10 colour wheels with 18 nails on it.  I wasn't sure how many colours I really had so I picked up two packages (just in case I mess up and yea, I did.  Boo.)  The back was a little small so I couldn't put the names of the colours on it. So I used pieces of card stock (thick Bazzil's Basics card stock) and mounted lined paper on them, numbered the back of the colour wheel, painted the colour and wrote down the corresponding name.  Voila!  I LOVED painting the nails - weird isn't it.  I think that I actually started to get a little high from the fumes from the nail polish and top coat.  >.<  And without further ado!  Here is the collection!  Give or take a couple of colours - my mom stole a few!

 My Purples.

For whatever reason I had a major brain fart and called these two wheels Blacks and Whites, when really, I probably should have used Neutrals.  DUH!

My Greens.  Of which I don't think that I've ever worn a single colour.  

My Yellows, Oranges and "others".  You know, I've never understood the rhyme and reason behind "summer colours" and "winter colours".  If I want to wear orange in the winter, I darned well will!!!

One of my favourite collections!  The PINKS!!!!!  The hotter the better!

I do love me some reds.  <3

Singing the blues!

It turns out that I have about 122 colours (I didn't swatch all of the colours, only those that were mini).  This wasn't a huge undertaking, but it did take a little bit of time.  Maybe about a couple of hours - given the amount of nail polish that I had.  But now that I'm done, I'm super happy that things are finally organized!

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