Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glymmman....and randomness

Glymm is launching a new box for men!  I don't really know the particulars - but this much I know.... The box is $20 and it's shipped quarterly.  It'll come with 7-8 deluxe luxury samples.  I don't know - it seems a little steep.  If it's anything like the glymm box for women, sometimes, you'll receive little samples that I could get from the department store counters...and if they count that as one of the deluxe samples....I'd feel a little ripped off.  I've already given my email address and apparently, I'm on some waiting list....waiting. Most likely, I'll sign my guy up for a couple of boxes and see how it goes.  Or not, if he's really adverse to  the idea of beauty products being sent in his name.  It's hard to say.  Even though my guy isn't a metro, he likes his cleansing products once in a while.  This may not be the same, but he nearly bought a rose clay facial mask from "The Art of Shaving" and an exfoliator, so that counts for something right?  It was my own stupidity in which I talked him out of it because I told him that I have similar items at home that he could use!  DUH!  I'll know better next time.

I'm sure if you have Facebook, there's probably more information on the forums (or whatever you call it) there.  I'm not on Facebook, nor will I sign up for it.  I just find that there's something really creepy about someone being able to keep tabs on me - without me knowing it.  Sure, I know that I set things on private, but then, what's the bother?  Plus, I'm addicted to games and I'm afraid that farmville and etc may lead to my eventual downfall.

LuxeBox is finally arriving on Monday I hope.  My app says Tuesday, but last time it arrived a day earlier.  I've already seen a couple of reviews on the box and I have really high hopes, even if everyone else was a little disappointed.  Heck, after this month's Glymmbox....the Luxebox is looking mighty fine!  I'm just super excited for next month!  I'll be receiving three boxes!  Glossybox, Glymm Box and Luxebox.  And the month after that (my birthday month), I'll be receiving four boxes - Topbox, Glossybox, Luxe and Glymm.  Looks like it's going to be an excellent birthday month!!!! 

I nearly signed up for Julep Maven.  It's a "nail" box that comes from the states.  It's about $19.99 US per month and you receive nail related items (for the most part).  Right now, they are having a promo, in which your first box is only $5.  From all the reviews that I've read, I don't think that I'm going to sign up for it.  It's pricey and the items that you receive...don't really impress me.  Usually, it's two bottles of nail polish and a hand cream and little samples of other things.  If you're interested, here's the link.  It is free shipping, but as Canadians, you don't get a tracking number (not happy!).  I think, if maybe, I get a BIG raise this year, I might consider trying it out, but right now, $50 on beauty boxes is enough for me.

I've been pretty good about trying out the samples that I've been receiving.  And those that I didn't want, my mom was happy to take the off my hands, or I was able to swap with my girlfriend (who also subscribes to some of the beauty boxes) for items that she wanted (but I didn't).  I've done reviews on some of the products that I've tried and they will be going up shortly!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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